Saturday, January 2, 2016

Week 3, New Years in the MTC

HELLO EVERYBODY! So I'm finally sending pictures! I don't even know what week I'm on here at the MTC but everything is pretty awesome still! 

I have had a really neat experience though with our TRC investigator. Her name is Hely! She is from Guatemala and is living in Provo now. The previous lesson we taught her the Word of Wisdom. My companion Elder Bezzant was going to have his birthday on our next lesson date! She was super excited! When we got there she had a video on her laptop with fireworks and a gift ready for Elder Bezzant!!! What a nice lady! She got him a glass box thing that had Joseph Smith during the First Vision placed in the middle of it. She proceeded to tell us about her family and then onto her being old and having back pain and leg pain. Before we could start talking however she told us that one of her grand children was in the hospital. Her grandchild is 3 years old and he has a problem in his head that is causing him pain. The Doctor they took him to said that it had to do with one of his teeth and they had to remove one of his teeth. Yet the poor 3 year old is still struggling. Immediately after she started to cry... I felt the spirit so strongly... I told her after a few moments of silence that me and my companion would pray for her little boy. She cried out loud after that! The spirit literally was in every square inch of that room. She was so grateful just for our mere willingness to pray for her grandchild.

Being a missionary I do feel the spirit more often. I know that some people may look up at us like we are angels or that we are closer to God and that maybe our prayers are heard more specifically. But I would just like to say to everyone that God listens to all of us. We are his very children. He has sent us here to learn. He knows all the answers, and he is ready to give it all to you. You must merely be willing to try, and willing to believe that he will listen to you. It's my testimony that prayer is the most comforting thing on this planet. 


Elder Stephen Horton

Argentina Posadas Mission

This is me and my companion Elder Bezzant, 

These are my zone leaders! Elder Grimes on the left, and Elder Jenson on the right! Then Elder Scott Photo Bombing!

This is my whole District and District F!

It's cold here!  Christmas day!  I'm holding a treat from home!
This is Hermana Pratt! She's super fun! She's trying to touch the bar but the snow is so thick!

 My District in order: Elder Horton, Elder Bezzant, Elder Scott, Elder Noble, Elder Cassel, and Elder Meek!  

My companero!!

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