Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Traveling in Posados to the Mission Home!

Little dock on the water, in Posadas, I went contacting(proselyting) with
one of the Elders right after we got our stuff set down
in the Stake 

Like I said, the water is brown, even in Posadas.

Giant metal guy! Woo! Posadas still.

These were the elders in my residence at the MTC, Elder Bezzant first from
the left, then Elder Noble, Me, then Elder Scott.

Some Argentina! Posadas still.

Argentine building in Posadas.

Restaurant WAWA. Don´t know what it is. Posadas still.

Outside in the morning! Mission home!
President LaPierre has a Physics degree or something,
Basically he´s really 
really smart. I´ve met him, he´s super legit.

At the mission home! Super awesome!

Cool picture of Jerusalem I saw in the Mission Home.

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