Monday, April 25, 2016

19th Week Out, Jardin America Week 13, "A New Oven...please send recipes"

HEY! How the heck are y´all!?

WHAT´S UP! So basically I get this new mini missionary Elder Irala! he´s pretty sick! I think I already told you all about him? He´s super de duper small, which makes me look like I´m 2 feet bigger than I actually am. But Hey! That´s all awesome!

We got an oven. I haven´t been able to use it yet because we need to buy gas and a little connection thing to the gas tank. I´m Extremely EXCITED FOR THAT THOUGH! I´m basically going to go lemon bar loco in a little bit here. Like you all will be jealous of my ability to create lemon bars when I get back from the mish.

So! Tomorrow is President LaPierre´s birthday, and his last consejo! Basically I got called as District Leader like BAM and now I get the privilege to go to a massive meeting now with all of the Zone Leaders and District Leaders tomorrow, on President´s birthday!

Right now I´m just blasting through the mission! I´ve got someone that will be getting baptized the 14th of this month! Her name is Cristina! And she wants to be baptized in a river! Hopefully, I don´t get Dengue (dengay) through that! Apparently there's a disease going around like that. Being spread by mosquitos! LEGITNESS!

I´ve been reflecting a lot on the Lord, and reading in Jesus The Christ. I absolutely love that book by the way! It´s hard to read at first, but when you get the hang of it, you just start reaping the fruits thereof! The more I read the more privileged I feel to be serving a mission. Like I literally am doing exactly what the Lord wants me to do right now. And he´s the one doing everything too!

Lot´s of people may think that we missionaries have to study real hard to get in as much as we can so we can be prepared to teach someone THE GOSPEL OF JESUS CHRIST! But no! It´s so freaking easy I tell you! Ok, don´t take me wrong, it´s flippen hard, but like HEY! You just have to love the Lord, love the person you are teaching, and I guarantee you everything will turn out fine!
(I´m giving like free advice here future missionaries!)

HEY! I miss everyone. So when you say hi, it´s like really great! RECIPES TOO! Looking forward to making the good life.

Thank you everyone for all that you are and will be and do right now and will do!

Impressions of Jardín América:
WELL! We actually have a cold winter here! I was not prepared, so I´ve been blasting the Air conditioning all night long so I can keep warm! I don´t know the exactness of how cold it gets but I know that it hurts at night when there is no power, SO YEA!

:) Love!

Monday, April 18, 2016

18th Week Out, Jardin America Week 12, "My Greenie going home already"


Primero, I would like to say hello to everyone. Again. GREAT!

Hi How are you all!? So what´s new? I AM GETTING A OVEN IN MY APARTMENT! Like legit, we don´t have an oven. I have been here all my life and I haven´t had a working oven. The Office in Posadas gave me like 4000 pesos to buy an oven! IT´S LIKE CHRISTMAS!!

So let´s just get this started right now; if anyone of anyone would like to send me some recipes that I can use out here in Argentina, considering my limited amount of supplies and tools and food to do it. Please feel free to hit me up with that amazingness.

I´ve already got lemon bars down, don´t even get me started... Hermana LaPierre let me use her phone to look up a recipe. I´m excited to make me some lemon bars. I HAVEN´T HAD FOOD IN SUCH A LONG TIME! Like lemon bar type food!

OH! También they´re getting me some more money so I can buy more stuff! I get to buy desks, and a shelf thing for my bags and books. President was just passing through to get to Iguazú (the other end of misiones) and he stopped by our pension to see how Elder Garrido is doing! He says to me, "Elder Horton grab a piece of paper... ok, now get ready to write, I´m going to make a list." And now I am on my way to the good life of FURNITURE! I´m so ready!

ANYWAYS! The reason why he actually stopped by was because he had to see Elder Garrido. My new companion. So apparently something is going on with Elder Garrido´s feet! He can´t walk on them because they hurt really bad. He showed me and they´re like peeling and all hecho percha. SO! Basically he needs to see a doctor.

I´m pretty sure he is actually going to go back to Chile to find a doctor out there. Poor guy too, he is really upset about it.

SO YEA! I kinda just fail at life because I get set up to train someone and then BAM HE´S LEAVING THE MISSION! Haha! Ha! I´m such a bad trainer/father

My kid is going to pass away a little early I guess...

Ok my friends! Let´s talk about more stuff! CHURCH! Let´s talk about that! SO there were people at our capilla all the last two weeks! And they went and re-painted the whole building! They fixed the roof and painted the outside! Then they installed a completely new bathroom in the men's bathroom! IT´S SO FANCY! THERE IS TILE AND URINALS NOW! It was like a pipe and a wall last time. You just like. Go. weird...

ALSO! Something really funny about here is that when people talk in church. They don´t give respect to the person talking. Everyone thinks that THEY can say it better than the person giving the class. Or like the teacher doesn´t understand when they say something. So whenever the teacher or ME is giving the class and asks a question. The people are like BLAH BLAH! NO BLAH BLAH NO! BLAH!

Ok that didn´t make any sense! let´s try again. (by the way if anyone hasn´t noticed my apostrophy thingies are backwards or something and I HATE IT! I DON´T KNOW HOW TO FIX IT!) (sorry)

Ok so basically it´s like this;
Teacher: "Alright children (40-70 year old adults) WHO KNOWS... THE TRUTH!!??"
Students: "I DO... NO I DO! WAIT I DO! LET ME TALK! WAIT ME! NO!!!"

I don´t know how to explain this, you guys are just gonna have to wing that.

ALRIGHTY! ALSO! During the middle of the friggin class in Sunday School, people wearing like skirt things will just literally take their shoes off and start rubbing on some bug cream... Like they are just on the beach and everything is chill............ WHAT!?


OH MY GOSH! THIS PAST SUNDAY! Someone walked in while the lady was giving the class! And it was this homeless guy who had like 1 eye and his hair was all big and wack! His clothes were dirty and he looked REALLY SCARY! He walked in and started mumbling and asking for money!

So I got up and went over to him. He looked up at me because I´m like taller than everyone here. I said to him; come with me, let´s talk. He didn´t say anything after that and he followed me out the door. HA! And then he asked me for money and I was like sorry we can´t give money out... And he left.

So yea, that happened. (I´m REALLY COOL!)

Um.. The lightning is really really bright and strong here. Isn´t it called thunder if it's like really loud and stuff? I don´t know but ITS SICK AND I LOVE IT! It rains SO HARD TOO!

GREAT! I HAVE JUST MADE THE BIGGEST LETTER EVER! I don´t think you guys will even read all of it. WELL IF YOU DON´T YOU´RE MISSING OUT! So HA!

Hey! Thank you everyone for reading my stuff! I love you all and I love being a missionary!

P.S. There´s a really cool/funny video out that is a parody to the song: Hello by Adele. And instead of Adele there are missionaries and its REALLY FUNNY! So go watch it everyone! I don´t know what its called but its a missionary parody to Hello by Adele!

SWEET! Thank y´all again for being the BEST EVER! Miss all of you. SEND ME MORE PICTURES! ANYONE! I love pictures. :)

OH! And I sent like 10000000 photos today to my dad so he is probably putting those up on my site! If you want to see them check out my site in like a week or something. I sent him a lot so I don´t know how fast he´s going to have them up there! BYE BYE!

Bacon means capo! Which means Cool! Like you can call someone bacon if they´re cool. Only if they were cool though. CHAPO is used whenever someone makes a joke and it's funny. You have to say CHAAAPO if it's actually funny. If it's not funny you say chaaaa...  :) listo!

I love you guys! Everyone say hi to me please! I´m like a lot of kilometers away, so, yea. BYE!

Monday, April 11, 2016

17th Week Out, Jardin America Week 11, "My Companion is Going Home Back to Cali, I will be Training and the Newest DL"

So It is the end of this Translado (Transfer) and I´m about to say goodbye to Elder Eddenfield! He´s going to be back in Sacramento, CA on Wednesday!
OK NOW ABOUT WHAT I WAS GOING TO SAY! ( I can´t wait anymore!)
I have like 4 months now? But like 3 ish barely in the field! And I´M ALREADY TRAINING SOMEONE FROM CHILE!? I can´t even talk to him! That´s ok though! FAITH RIGHT!?

Yes, and not only that I will be made DISTRICT LEADER! So basically my life just got a LOT LOT HARDER!
Ok, maybe not harder, just FUNNER! Yes I´m going to use that grammar. I´m typing on a Spanish keyboard, get over it! :)

I´M FLIPPING OUT! I Will start sending pictures next week, I have found a gadget thing that´s going to help me!
BUENO! Thank you all for being awesome and reading my emails! Talk to you all next week!

Impressions of Jardín América:
I´ve been impressed to tell you all that I have been starting to use a new phrase! It´s called BAJAR LA CAÑA! (Drop cane!) I love it. Hah! Bye!

Our Meeting House in Jardin America

Just Another Day of Finding People in Jardin America...
Its Really Beautiful Here...
Araucaria Tree that only exist in this part of the world and a little tiny place near Australia.
They produce pine nuts 3 inches long and are very good to eat.

Love the Families in Jardin America

Our District while I am in Jardin America

Out in the rain and my tie decided to battle with my white shirt...!

Monday, April 4, 2016

16th Week Out, Jardin America Week 10, "I Love General Conference...IT`S LIKE CHRISTMAS ON THE MISSION!"

¡Hola familia y amigos!

How`s it going everyone! This week we are just plowing through new investigators and fighting armies of spiders!

SO! I had an amazing experience with a spider this week. I have a video but it`s WAY TOO LONG to send so we`re gonna have to wait 2 years on that one!

Lot`s of regular missionary stuff this week!

I LOVE CONFERENCE! IT`S LIKE CHRISTMAS ON THE MISSION! I wish it was like all day long for a week! 

Especially loved Elder Holland`s closing remarks! And Mervin Arnold`s talk. I Don`t know if that is his name but I totally saw him at the MTC and he gave a talk to us during that time!

Sorry about photos! I`m working on it. Lot`s of pictures of Elder Eddenfield touching dogs. He loves the little dogs.

Hey! THANK YOU ALL FOR READING MY EMAILS! I`ll get back to you all in a week! 

Impressions of Jardìn Amèrica:
  • Chipa is my favorite thing in the whole wide world! It`s just bread and cheese. But WE BUY FROM EVERYONE SELLING CHIPA!

ELDER HORTON listening to conference from the Mission Home in Posadas
(186th LDS General Conference)