Saturday, January 16, 2016

Week 5, The most Senior Missionaries in the MTC

Ok so. HI.


I can't even start to say how many times I've basically screamed because of how excited I am to go to a foreign place for like a portion of my entire life.

I do feel like I can say enough in Spanish to teach people! BUT LIKE THEY'RE FROM ARGENTINA AND STUFF!? So I'm a little overwhelmed but my faith is 200x stronger than my fear. So what the heck!? Let's DO THIS THING!

I keep starting with "I."

HELLO! Thank you all so much for your letters and prayers. THEY'RE WORKING! LET ME BE THE FIRST TO LET YOU KNOW! Haha!

So ONE very super decently overly awesome thing that happened this week was...

I gave a blessing to one of the elders in my district ELDER MEEK. He has been sleeping really bad and he felt like it was making him irritated all day and he feels like its just getting worse and he can't function. So I didn't know that I was giving the blessing at first. We went to this other room where it was quiet. Then Elder Cassel his companion was like ok, who would you like to give the blessing of comfort?

Then immediately after that I thought, "Oh my goodness!? What if he picks me? I mean like I would love to! I really want to help this elder, and I know that he has a deep desire to serve. I know that this is a real thing. If he picks me I can do it!"

I have been trying to follow the spirit a LOT! Because they tell you over and over, "The spirit is the teacher." WELL thats the truth. 

He picked me finally. Ha! And then I gave him the blessing. I know that those words were of the spirit. I told him that he would be able to get through this sleeping pattern according to his obedience! WOW! YA KNOW!?

I feel like an adult, but not really. Anyways! I'M GOING TO ARGENTINA! AAAHH!

Thank you so much all you lovelies! The next time I email I'll be in Argentina. ☺

Impressions in the CCM (Centro por Capacitación de los Missioneros) (MTC)
  • When your district gets selected for hosting new missionaries, its really easy to freak them out. I grabbed a missionary and looked him in the eyes and said " RUN, FOR, YOUR, LIFE! They're going to take you away and you're never coming back!" And then you look around like you're being watched and then run away! HAHA!
  • I LOST MY CAMERA!   No one turned it in...thanks to Dad and Amazon Online to save me with another one before I left!
Elder Stephen Horton
Argentina Posadas Mission

Elder's Horton and Bezzant enjoying the snow.

Sisters trying their best to make snow Angels.

                                          SELFIE SUNDAY AT THE PROVO TEMPLE...

Elder's Scott and Bezzant
Elder Horton and Elder Scott

Elder Scott and guessing this is Elder Horton's Branch President

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