Monday, August 29, 2016

36th Week Out, Santa Rita - Paraguay Week 7, "New Companion, Elder Madder"

Elder Horton here! What is going on!

I can`t put question marks so I`m not going to make questions! I tried to make a question with my first line but it didn`t work so yea..

HEY not much to say, so little time! That`s actually a lie, I have so much to say. I have a new companion, his name is Elder Madder, legit. We work really well together. He`s helping me exercise better in the morning... HA! Greatness :)

One thing I would like to let everyone know is that I love this mission thing. I hope all you kids out there choose to serve a mission. It`s absolutely amazing. I have found many treasures that will be with me the rest of my life.

I would like to just say

That God doesn`t exist, if this church is not true. I am putting everything on the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. Because God does exist, and he guides this church everyday. I hope everyone of you is continually looking in the Book of Mormon and making questions.

Because the Book is always going to ask you to ask Heavenly Father if it`s true. So people, continue to read the book, and when you finish it, ask again. And then start over.


I can`t send pictures, having trouble with cards and pin drives. I`ll try to send next time.

Impressions of Santa Rita:
I can actually speak basic Portuguese now, so Brennen, get wrecked. I learned your language in 2 transfers. :) (That was so prideful, sorry)

Monday, August 22, 2016

37th Week Out, Santa Rita - Paraguay Week 8, "Continually Read the Book of Mormon"

What´s up! I´m back, another week completed! If you were wondering what haupei means it is the Salutation of Paraguay. It also means y despues which means like what´s up.

I HAVE BEEN INCREASING MY PING PONG SKILLS, and my arm size. My companion has successfully gotten me to work out in the morning everyday. Today was an exception. I feel bad, but HEY my mission president said that there are many many ways to exercise. Like ping pong is exercise so YEA!

WAIT, like all of the families here in my group went to the temple. So that´s great. We might actually see some real business pop down here. It´s actually really crazy because one of the families here was struggling. The dad was a drinker, and his wife had trouble with him. The kids suffered too. But then one day our Branch president called him to be his 2nd counselor. Like some serious faith was thrown down. And he decided right then and there that he wasn´t going to drink anymore. AND HE HASN´T FALLEN BACK INTO IT SINCE I GOT HERE.

Now they went to the temple and are sealed, endowed members of the church. I am doubly impressed.

We have started playing monopoly. I bought the board game here. It´s in Portuguese. And it´s the debit card one. Legitness. My companion is owning me. I EVEN LOSE TO MEMBERS. It´s so fun though.

We have 2 investigators here that the missionaries have been working with for a long time. They always come to church though. Like almost every Sunday. The only reason they´re not baptized is because they need to get married. The guy, Ruben, needs to divorce with his other partner. And then he can get married. So really I can´t do anything but invite them to church and pass by occasionally. The thing is that he is SO COOL! He´s a doctor, he gets called around all over other parts of Paraguay, and to Argentina. He´s SO SMART TOO! He always comments during the gospel doctrine class at church.

I hope he can do it one day. I keep trying to put more blessing on the line for him. Like talking about the temple, and sealings. And patriarchal blessings. (things you can only get when you are a member type stuff) :)

Anyways, I would like to declare another testimony again. I´ve been thinking, and I just want to say: what you think you´re not good at, you´re the best at. I do believe there is a negative influence that comes from the enemy of God, to the children of men. When you feel like you can´t do something, it´s only because the enemy KNOWs that you would be a very very EFFECTIVE asset to the righteous team if you are allowed to go 100% on that thing.

Like if you feel like you are super bad at sharing your testimony with other people, WELL WELL, I think you are just a race car that´s not on the track yet.

Satan is always working, he is going to try and stop the greatest players of the game at the earliest moment he can.

But we all know who is going to win the game, regardless of what happens.

Joseph Smith had a little battle with the dark side before he had the light come.

I challenge each and everyone of you reading this to put yourself to the test. If you feel like you can´t do something, it´s probably because you CAN do it, and maybe even more than other people(if it be for the building up of the kingdom of God. For all gifts of God are given; for the building up of the kingdom of God on earth)

Find your gift, because you´re on God´s team, and he needs YOU.

I testify that if you fight the negative influence you will beat it. And you will lay up many treasures in heaven. This I say in the name of Jesus Christ, amen.

Impressions of Santa Rita:
I´ve never seen more rich like houses in my whole life, than that which I have seen in this city. Freaking Brazilians.

Monday, August 15, 2016

35th Week Out, Santa Rita - Paraguay Week 6, "Hard to Teach with Olympics On"

What´s up people! I had a great week! We did lot´s of stuff, mainly missionary work. I feel the need to confess like Brennen did that IT IS SO HARD WHEN THE OLYMPICS ARE ON to do missionary work. Because you get in there and they´re watching Men´s volleyball and BRAZIL IS PLAYING and you´re just like OH MY GOSH KILL ME! But yea, no worries Brennen you aren´t the only one. (Brazil won)

AHEM* Right, I have watched another missionary die... It´s so sad, because there is lots of crying when it´s a misionera. Poor Hermana Cannon left the mission today. Pretty sure she is on her plane right now. I don´t like to think about what it´s gonna be like for me. Especially when I am reunited with my Chick Fil A sauce. That´s gonna be a video, y´all are gonna wanna see. Excuse me for my horrible english. Who speaks that anymore?

We had 7 FREAKING investigators in church this Sunday, I died. So happy. I don´t feel the need to name all of them, but ARE YOU KIDDING ME one of the families we got to church took 5 months of missionaries to finally decide to come. They still need to START reading the book of mormon. Oh my goodness let me tell you, if your investigators don´t read the book of mormon, it is SO HARD to get them to progress. Because you teach them and then they ask questions about things that THEY WOULD HAVE KNOWN ALREADY if they had read the part that we left for them THE LAST TIME WE CAME OVER!

Wow my life. I´m on like page 406 in Jesus The Christ. Absolutely wonderful book, every part of it I like. I think I´d put that book 2nd to the Book of Mormon. Full of heavenly inspiration I do believe.

OK so Saturday we taught an Evangelist family. EVERYONE HERE IS EVANGELIST OR CATHOLIC. My life it hurts. You walk in right? And then you start teaching the Palabra De Sabiduría and they ask you: Do you believe in the gift of tongues? Why yes we do Hermano Gonzalez, such as being able to speak to someone´s heart, or being able to speak in different languages because of the gift from the spirit.

They´re the religion that believes screaming and mumbling random gibberish is the gift of tongues. You can tell already how hard it was to teach that to them. They still didn´t accept it..

Hey, remember when I talked about Guaraní? The language? It is so funny! This is how to greet someone in Guaraní: mba'éichapa   (mba´eh´shapah) You have to say it fast, not too fast but like fluent. I´m gonna be speaking so weird stuff when I get off this 2 year trip.

Oh and hey, I lost my stuff for the first time ever! (Not) (I´ve lost like 2 cameras already..)(wow) I lost my bank card, from the mission and from home! And all of my documents that make me legal here in Paraguay. Luckily I had 200,000 Guarani´s with me because I lost that too! (That´s like 37 dollars)

Wonderful, wonderful. Anyways para terminar esta carta, quisiera exhortaros que vengan y sigan al Señor Jesucristo y poner su fe en las escrituras. Por´que Él es el único que pueda llevaros al reino celestial. Busquéis y encontraréis. Os digo la verdad.

That was in vosotros, I´m awesome, (And I have a Spanish correcter so what the hay)

Love you all, have a great week!

Impressions of Santa Rita:
One of our investigators named Auda, got in a car accident with a tree. Her aunt fell out of the car because she got scared and opened it before they impacted. Her aunt almost died, she also jumped out with a baby in her hands. The baby was not even a year old... The baby is fine though. The aunt remains in the hospital. The family now has to pay 80,000,000 Guaraníes some how. They are fundraising.

Monday, August 8, 2016

34th Week Out, Santa Rita - Paraguay Week 5, "Read the Scriptures"


The Paraguayan fields here are endless!
Wonderful week! Super. I got about 8 months now on the mission! Me falta 15 more. That`s a lot of FRICKEN AWESOMENESS WAITING TO HAPPEN BOYS AND GIRLS! (brothers and sisters) Anyhow, nothing really new this week. I have been unable to put baptismal dates unfortunately! Hopefully something will happen. We have been finding lots of good investigators. I have a lot of faith in them that they will progress!

This was a very fast smooth transfer. This is my last we
ek with Elder Cancino. We had entrevistas with Presidente Svec. He is a lot different from Presidente LaPierre. He goes really fast, and chop chop you`re done with your interview! I didn`t get to say anything! Like HEY PRESIDENT I`M SUPER EXCITED TO BE HERE! I HOPE YOU HAVE A WONDERFUL TIME WITH US IN THE MISSION FIELD! He did say one thing to me though that I didn`t understand. He said something like- condorito? He told me its a dibujo (cartoon) someone is gonna have to look that up for me and explain to me what it is!

President also told me that I will be staying in Santa Rita this next transfer, and he`s going to take Elder Cancino and put him as a zone leader! Wow! All of my companions go on to bigger and better things! It`s like I`m a catalyst for my companions. We make big numbers and president is like OH! ELDER HH... Cancino! You must be a great missionary! I`m gonna make you a leader!

Haha! That`s ok, I like being missionary 2, I don`t have a lot of responsibilities :)))

But still, I have like 8 months, DO SOMETHING WITH ME PRESIDENT! haha! Just kidding.

I love the mission everyone! Want to have another testimony to lean on?

Bueno, I as a special respresentative of Jesus Christ give my testament of the truthfulness of the Book of Mormon. And that it teaches all men that they should do good. Furthermore it`s purpose is to bring men to believe in Christ. And all those who believe on Jesus Christ will believe on that book also! For it is promised by the spirit through the prophet Nephi! -2 Nephi 33:10

My fellow Americans (brothers and sisters) In your very hands you hold the firm durable metal bar from the dream Lehi had. You hold that bar of straight and narrow guidance. And you can see the light at the end of the way!

The world reads the scriptures and it can be said that there are many mysteries of God that are not know. In the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints there are NO MYSTERIES. I testify that you may know of all things(Moroni 10:5), of every single mystery that God has, if you ask in faith to your Heavenly Father! And I know he will give to you the knowledge if you be worthy to receive it.

Love yall, have a great week!

Beautiful Sky (santa Rita)
Elder Cancino!
Plans to the new church building that we will be renting! (not actual church, we are still a group, 
the church builds a building when it becomes a branch I do believe)
This is what it will look like when it is finished!
I live in a very brazilian rich place.
Baby of one of the members here!
The church building in Minga Guazu! (pronounced Minga wasoo!)
I put tooth paste on my face
We have a doctor as an investigator here, HE IS SO FLIPPING RICH HOLY CRAP! And his wife is a bio chemist.. So yea. And she told me to put it on my face to help me with my acne!
I`m not kidding.
These are my legalization papers (Make me legal to stay here)
Turns out they put me that I`m from Brazil, and not from the United States! HAHA!
I tell everyone I`m from Brazil and I speak to them in Portuguese!

Monday, August 1, 2016

33rd Week Out, Santa Rita - Paraguay Week 4, "The Spirit Does Everything"

HEY PEOPLE! ONCE AGAIN another successful week gone by! I am so happy! You guys aren´t going to believe this but I have 19 years of age and I totally feel like that´s a lot of years. yep. However I feel like I have many many more years to complete with success in every week. How about that!?

I´m pleased to announce that me and my companion are the most productive in my zone. (I´m totally full of myself right now, sorry) We have numbers that beat our entire district combined. It´s sad because the poor creatures are having sicknesses and one of the companionships has a sister that can´t walk that well. So really I´m saying we have regular numbers, and my district is suffering...

OH MY GOSH PROGRESS PEOPLE! My city is blooming with people who just may get baptized. We´re trying to put out baptismal dates on everyone but they´re like um.. I´m trying to baptize my kid in my church. Then we wip out the AUTHORITY TO BAPTIZE on them and then they´re like oh. And we ask them to pray about it. :)

No but for real it´s hard out here to teach people because you feel like you´re dropping cane on them with gospel doctrine they don´t have. I´m always teaching in a very soft manner because I have found it very easy to just shove the truth in peoples faces. But I don´t want to do that, I want to hand it to them and they can see if they really want it. Well, the spirit does everything so I don´t know, I´ll just go with the flow. :D