Monday, January 30, 2017

59th Week Out, Week 11 Montecarlo "So do you guys believe in Jesus Christ?"


WELL! I'm so excited for Elder Brennen Horton and his final days coming down here! HA! I am actually flipping out, I wrote it down in my year agenda his last week and day, and plane home and yea. MY GOODNESS! I remember the day he left! It was like YEA BYE! Oh wait, I have my ONE WAY TICKET HOME BOUGHT! Are you kidding me?

Wonderful. Just ABSOLUTELY DELIGHTFUL! SO yea, I may be leaving my area next week. And going to paraguay. I keep telling everyone that so if I don't go its just going to be like... Oh. That will be funny. I would actually love to stay here in Monte Carlo. The members are so nice to me.. 

WE FOUND A LEGIT COUPLE THIS PASSED WEEK! So some people moved into our building in the commercial department on the first floor. And we came in and said hi and bought stuff to show them HEY WE ARE COOL! LET US TEACH YOU THE GOSPEL! And maybe it worked because a few days later as we had passed by them like everyday (not like inside but just waving as we passed by) WE FOUND THE MAN! He was sitting outside, it was like9:30pm and I stopped. Right in front of him and we talked a little, and he said HEY COME TEACH ME THE GOSPEL! And so I was like YES! I CAN DO THAT! And yea.

Thats a thing. So we passed by the next day in the afternoon, and HE IS A JEHOVAH'S WITNESS! Excuse me, WAS a Testigo de Jeovah. And if you don't know about them, they know the scriptures very well! Just not in the right way... So I was like OH SHOOT! HES GOING TO WRECK US! And the first question he asks is: So do you guys believe in Jesus Christ?........................................................................................................................................................................................................................................yes...................................................................................................................................

And after we cleared that up he was like, WHAT IS YOUR BELIEF TOWARDS THE TRINITY! 3 SEPARATE GODS! YEAAAAAA!

ANd I was flipping out the whole time because he is the FIRST MAN ON THIS EARTH WHO HAS ASKED ME THAT FUNDAMENTAL QUESTION! Everyone else is worried about nonsense while this enlighten gentle-man was influenced by God to come LIVE IN OUR HOUSE! HOW MUCH CLOSER CAN YOU GET!? 

God literally said HERE YA GO! TEACH 'EM, BAPTIZE 'EM!

I probably won't be here for his and his wife's baptism. BUT YEA! (and his wife asked even more fundamental questions about marriage, and the sacrament... absolutely beautiful were the lessons)

SO yea, that's my life currently. I bear testimony of Jesus Christ, and the power of deliverance He gave to His Father. We will all be handed the key out of this little round ball, and you can hold onto it, or reject it. HOLD ON TO IT!

Impressions of Monte Carlo:
There are a group of young men that come to play on our soccer field at the church. The only problem is that they jump the fence and are not members. So I came up to all of them one day (think about little me and Elder Ayala walking up to like 30 men of ages 16 - 30) And I told one of them to gather everyone over to me. (I must have some authority or something 😎) And I made a compromise with all of them. LET ME TEACH YOU THE GOSPEL, and I will let you play here. So yea, I have like 30 more investigators that I got in less that 10 minutes.

Monday, January 23, 2017

58th Week Out, Week 10 Montecarlo "He will lift you up"

Hey! I'm here!

So, not much new. You can read my previous email and find the same situation I'm in. Just moving along!

I would just like to share a personal experience.

I have never been so happy in my life. Never have I experienced such a healthy, constant state of peace in my heart. And an undying zealousness to be better, and go higher. Before, everything was just kind of 'fake' to me. I would just sit and find a vent where I could shun out all the things that took away from me. I couldn't see a way to go that was worth it, that didn't end. Kind of destroyed me too, I was left to worldly entertainment. I know what it's like to suffer in that way. To be stuck in the law of decreasing returns. A sector of depression you might say. Like in star wars with the garbage compactor. When you are surrounded by things that don`t matter. And the walls are pushing you and it together until there is nothing left.

But I'll have you know, God was at the controls for me on that day. And he stopped the compression. Overrided the system. Intervened with my despair. And opened a door. A bright white door.

I took that door. And I'm never going back.

I just want to thank God openly, not for the glory of men. But to show that I give God the glory, in other words, when he gave me my life back: I write him a slip through my missionary service that says "Paid in Full" and yet, He owes me nothing. And I owe him still.

I love Heavenly Father. Cry unto him with all your might, and all of your soul and He will lift you up. Though He knows, tell Him everything.

Impressions of Monte Carlo:
The President of the District here was part of the Athletic club called River Plate. It is one of the biggest soccer clubs ever (I would say in the whole world). Considering I am in the most deeply patriotic soccer country, and people here go crazy for the games. It is really neat to meet someone like that. I played soccer with him this week :)

Wow. I've met some super famous people. I don`t know his name (his last name is Rojas.)

Monday, January 16, 2017

56-57th Week Out, Week 8-9 Montecarlo "Acts 6:8"

Hey there! Elder Horton once again at the write! So, whats happening with me currently? I believe I will be leaving Monte Carlo this next transfer. President sees lots of future with my trainee Elder Ayala! He is going to make him a trainer next transfer! 2 moths in and already training!? Where have I seen that before? Hmm.. Anyways, I`m very happy President has found favor in my companion and I know Elder Ayala is going to do big things here. Also considering the fact that Elder Ayala will be part of President`s glory years out here, meaning when President hits his halfway mark and is well set and ready to drop the hammer, Elder Ayala is going to be a well-seasoned missionary by then! And I`ll be just about on that plane... 

Ha! But yea, I may just be sent back to Paraguay to fix up what went down over there. I probably came to this mission because God knew this would happen to Paraguay (All the missionaries got taken out of Paraguay, almost all, because of some document errors and illegal stuff with passports and visas) So He needed missionaries here to fill in the holes! So here I am filling! :)  

But really I have been thinking about why I was called here. One thing I`ve taken into account is WHO AM I? I would think that some of the reason why i`m here has to do with who I am and the way I run things! In fact I have found an interesting attribute about myself that I really already knew but am taking into more light now. I AM A VERY EXPRESSIVE PERSON!? Like I have noticed throughout my life: If I wasn`t saying anything, or not being abnoxious or ignorantly loud, then people thought there was something wrong with me! Ha! Many times I have noticed what my attitude does to others around me. 

Yes it`s obvious that your attitude is everything, but I`m talking about someone who SCREAMS his attitude outwardly like drinking from a fire hydrant! It has however been a weakness, but also a strength in my life! For example in my house I caused many trials to happen for my family concerning my expressiveness in negative ways. But I also can make some major excitement go down at a volleyball game.

IF I GOT UP and called someone to repentance out here, OH HOW THEIR SOUL WOULD SHAKE INSIDE THEM! OH HOW POWERFUL THE SITUATION WOULD BE! My goodness.

Obviously I`m going to use this gift, and weakness that I have in righteous ways. Not going to just wreck everyone in the FACE with the gospel, I will do it Christ`s way.

God has given me this to help build his kingdom. I plan on developing an unbreakable positivity that TSUNAMI WAVES ON EVERYONE! That causes HAVOC on there countenances that they cannot even SEE the negative anymore 

(like when the legendary dragon warrior: Poe the kung fu panda steps into the bar with all the thugs and bad guys and they are THROW AWAY FROM HIS PRESENCE AND THEY ARE BLINDED BY HIS AWESOMENESS! AND THEY CONFESS IT BEFORE HIM!)

But yea. That`s what I`ve been thinkin this week! :)


Who God is. and Why is he like that.

Impressions of Monte Carlo:
Diabetes is a sickness here you can just catch...(no) They think they can tell me OH IM SICK I have diabetes, come back another time (when I`m cured)... And I`m just like, woah, I am so.. sorry... have a great day!

Monday, January 2, 2017

55th Week Out, Week 7 Montecarlo "The action you put behind your faith."

Yogurt is spelled without a T here :)

Hello everyone! ITS ME!I`M BACK! I`d just like to start off with a question: has anyone noticed that all of my apostrophes are like backwards? I don`t know where the regular one is! Haha! But yea, I`m in 2017 over here! Did anyone else hit 2017 over there too? :)

I`m still in Montecarlo. Still with about 0 investigators. Just kidding, we have like some really good ones! One of which may get baptized this month. Super neat. New Years was really fun. We played chess... I lost.. :) I think Elder Ayala just cheated me. I also made donut holes! I fried them and made a glaze out of milk and sugar.

I bought a watermelon. Yea.   And I ate it all.
I like watermelon 😂

LADIES AND GENTLEMEN, I am without words today. Currently I am studying talks from BYU on random topics. I think that may be against the mission rules but THEY`RE LEADERS IN THE CHURCH. So yea.

Here is a picture of my last zone. Lot`s of them got sent elsewhere this transfer. This was our open house day. With The Svecs.

I've never been so anxious to choose the right in my whole life. I honestly get overwhelmed at times because I just want to do EVERYTHING, right now. Like I don`t know how to describe it.

I am very pleased with the person I am currently. Not only who I am, but who I would like to be. Not the image of someone else, but ME. The person I was in the Premortal life. I love studying. I love learning. 

I`m just fluffing up the email, thinking about what I should say. BUT I`VE GOT IT NOW:

In Montecarlo I have noticed a simple theme reacurring. And it has to do with Pride. Or being seen of men. People here go to church to show people they are intelligent. That they are "Good Folks" that do the right things. And are going to recieve "Salvation."

Oh my goodness gracious PLEASE, if I could speak unto everyone here in Montecarlo like Jesus in the deserts:

1 Take heed that ye do not your alms before men, to be seen of them: otherwise ye have no reward of your Father which is in heaven.

 2 Therefore when thou doest thine alms, do not sound a trumpet before thee, as the hypocrites do in the synagogues and in the streets, that they may have glory of men. Verily I say unto you, They have their reward.
3 But when thou doest alms, let not thy left hand know what thy right hand doeth:

 4 That thine alms may be in secret: and thy Father which seeth in secret himself shall reward thee openly.

But now I`m going to turn this on myself. A lot of the time I look at who I am. And what I say to people. I always feel like I don`t know. Like I need to humble myself more, and hold my tongue because I`m not a know-it-all. I don`t want to judge people. I don`t want to get in other people`s way... I am always saying things about myself that look like I`m boasting. Like "I`m learing this and I`m learning that." "Look at me" "look at me." And it makes me feel like I`m really doing that. When really I`m not trying to boast of myself. I`m not sounding a trumpet as I do mine alms.

And I know Satan just wants me to feel that way. He doesn`t want my colors to shine.

He was there when Joseph Smith prayed. And he had bound his tongue. Because Satan has that power. We cannot let him bind our tongues. Do not give into the power of Satan. He doesn`t want you to feel smart. He doesn`t want you to speak up. He doesn`t want you to bring light out into the lives others.

I testify as a Representative of Jesus Christ that we are currently counting down to the last day. And there we will be hanging only by the grace of God, and the Atonement of Jesus Christ. All things that are not sealed by the holy spirit of promise will end.

But all things that are sealed: Temple marriages, eternal families, covenants, and every blessing that comes from obeying the commandments of God will be multiplied 100 times if we are righteous. And just do our best! Not just our best, not just what we are suppose to do because it says it! But to the magnifying of your calling, and righteous works. Everyone can do it. It only depends on your willingness. And the action you put behind your faith.

If you don`t understand me, because I don`t. Just know that The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints is the very kingdom of God on earth. And YES we are in the last days. SO HURRY UP AND DO IT RIGHT! Haha!

Impressions of Montecarlo:
lots of people die here(just in Montecarlo) during the holidays... (sorry for ending on that)