Saturday, January 2, 2016

Week 2, Christmas in the MTC

SO WHAT IS THIS? I've been here like a week and a half?? I'm already going to be a host for new missionaries coming into the MTC!? They're going to come here and I'm going to grab the first missionary that I get and look at him in the eyes and tell him, "RUN FOR YOUR LIFE!!" HAHA! That would be great, but I think I'll get in trouble or something..
So, let's talk about Christmas in the MTC. YOU SHOULD ALL BE REALLY JEALOUS OF ME! Just kidding, but what is really cool is we get to sit down in the gym with a legitimate Apostle! I was like 100 ft from Elder Bednar! They passed out 150 phones and we all got to text in questions to Elder Bednar and have him answer to us. It was so FUN! I didn't get mine answered so I guess I can ask you guys!? I was just kind of thinking and I wanted to know "Did God live a mortal life just like us?" I felt like Elder Bednar would have a really cool answer to that. But I guess I'll have to find out for myself! came and did a Q&A session with our MTC, and 2 others in Ghana and Chile. He talked about Agents, which means that we chose to be agents of change in our own lives. He explained that objects, like pens, wait for someone else to change their circumstances, while agents do what they can to make the change themselves. Nephi prayed not for an angel to punish his brothers, but for the strength to break the bands which bound him. It was an inspiring devotional.

Following his devotional we had a special Christmas meal, a reading of "A Christmas Carol" and a special performance by David Archuleta and company. He did fantastic and his reasons for going on a mission were really cool to hear. After his performance we watched "Ephraim's Rescue" which is an amazing Pioneer movie for anyone who hasn't seen it. The whole MTC was either laughing or crying the whole way through. Overall Christmas turned out to be a great day for the missionaries.
ITS SNOWS LIKE ITS NOBODY'S BUSINESS OUT HERE! Guys, I used to live with you all in a hot place. This is like a different planet over here. IT LIKE RAINS FROZEN WATER! I love it so much. It was the strongest on Christmas too! There was no wind but it was like taking a shower in snow. I have a lot of pictures already! But I can't send them until I'm in Argentina because then I'll have to buy a SD card reader if I want to do it from these computers. 

P-DAY is the best day ever. That can be a good thing and a bad thing I guess. I love playing volleyball though! Before every session in the gym we have a prayer. No one starts playing until the prayer is said. I really liked that. There aren't any really good players here right now. Or at least in the hour that I'm allowed to go to the gym.

ONCE Again I love you guys. I feel the hand of God in my life. I know what I must do. I know my purpose and I will serve with all my might, mind, and strength! For I know that the Lord giveth no commandment unto the children of men, save he shall prepare a way for them. (Totally just said that from the top of my head. Someone check me.)

LOVE, Elder Horton!

P.S. The greatest Pelicula of my life currently is "Character of Christ" by Elder Bednar. Watch it. Or be square? HAH! bye. ;)

Elder Stephen Horton
Argentina Posadas Mission

Elder Horton Videoed his slide, and fell so hard at the end of it.

Non-Utahns (ME)... We have never seen ice/snow like this before.
Night snow at the MTC

This is Branch 35, Districts E and F.  Elders Left to Right: Hyde, Springer, Horton, Noble, Meek, Cassel, Curtis (bottom), Slack, Scott, Jesson (bottom) Perkins, Bezzant, and Orton. Sisters Left to Right: Hermana Pratt, Blake, Schickedanz, Foutz, Sanchez, and Kingsford.  Our Branch President said we were some of the most memorable Districts he has had in a long time...we tend to think we were too!

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