Saturday, December 19, 2015

Week 1, Provo, UT MTC

Hi!  I LOVE THE MTC!  It's basically "EFY on steroids."  I have only been here 3 days and I've already taught a lesson to an investigator...IN SPANISH!  Apparently I have been able to pick up a lot of my Spanish from high school and I'm way ahead of the class.  I came here thinking my testimony was going to grow.  But I actually learned that my testimony is already super strong!  I love learning Spanish!  It's super fun and I've only been speaking in Spanish con mi companeros.  Por'que yo amo el evangelio y Jesucristo!  I can't wait to go to Argentina!  Everything is great and I'm just rocketing towards being a great missionary.  

My companion is Elder Bezzant.  He is from Colorado in the Denver area.  He's a super outdoors, hunting, hiking, knife sharpening type of person.  He's super aggressive when trying to teach, so I have to help him tone it down so we don't scare the investigators.  We met with the Branch Presidency, and when they interviewed me, they asked if I would recommend any of my comaneros for a leadership position.  I recommended Elder Bezzant, and then right after he was made District Leader.  I was like, wow.  But I am senior companion now because he is District Leader.  I have to follow him around now to all of his district leader things... It's all good though.

I almost forgot, I have the gift of tongues.  I know for a fact that it is a real gift/blessing.  When we went to go teach the investigator the first time.  I was so nervous because it's only like my 3rd day and I had no idea if I was going to be able to understand what Rogelio (our investigator) was going to say.  My companion actually did a very nice job of talking with him and getting him to open up.  I taught the whole lesson.  I am impressed of the way I taught (we taught about praying and recibir revelacion de Padre Celestial).  The part I really saw the gift of tongues though was when I gave the prayer, in Spanish.  I started the prayer, but I immediately forgot every word I wanted to say.  Our Branch President had told us about El Don Del Linguas (the Gift of Tongues).  He said that all we had to do was "open your mouths, and the words will come."  I did that very thing and then low and behold I started to say my prayer... I was getting ready to ask for a blessing for Rogelio in my prayer and I was thinking to myself like "I have no idea what the word is for blessing!"  But I knew that the words would come if I kept on talking.  I said a word I did not know if it was correct.  Later I checked the dictionary if the word I used was "Blessing."  The word is "el benedicion."  I know that the gift of tongues is real.  I'm so glad that I have been blessed with that gift, it's so real.

My P-Days are on Saturday, so I can only email today.  Sorry I couldn't warn you sooner so maybe we could have responded. 


P.S. the first thing I heard my branch president say was "WELL HE'S SMOKIN' DOPE!" Haha! Long story. I love my mission president. 

P.S.S. I NEED THE EMAIL LIST FOR EMAILING EVERYONE! Thanks! Talk to you next Saturday! And I also got my Christmas package! I haven't opened it. I'm waiting for la navidad!

Elder Stephen Horton
Argentina Posadas Mission

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