Monday, March 27, 2017

65th Week Out, Week 1 Puerto Iguazu "Transferred and New Companion"

What's up guys!?

So I am not in Monte Carlo anymore! I got moved to the most tourist attractive place in all my mission! I am in Puerto Iguazu! And that is literally right next to the massive Iguazu falls. THERE ARE SO MANY VISITORS FROM OTHER COUNTRIES! I just spoke with a girl from Australia! She didn't even speak Castellano! I actually didn't even understand her that well! It got me very anxious because I couldn't understand my native language! HA!

But yea, the area I have is HUGE! In fact we have another companionship of sister missionaries working in this city. I don't get to work in the city... I have to work in the outer parts.. I never get to see any tourists! Ha! My craving for English if you haven't noticed.. :)

ALRIGHT! Let's talk about my companion: He is Elder Hawkins from Texas. And that's all I know about him! He has 3 months out here on the mission and has still not finished his training.. Why? He is suffering the new missionary sickness and it went to his head. The poor guy thinks he has emotional problems. He wants to go see a Psychiatrist... He had been calling the Assistants and the Zone Leaders all throughout the first 3 months of his mission. He wants to go home...

Why am I here? Well, if I didn't talk about it last time; President had asked me if he could put me in a leadership position. I thought that meant zone leader, but no. That meant District Leader/Trainer/Psychiatrist.

But I will make it known: He now does not want to see a Psychiatrist, nor does he want to go home.

What did I do? Nothing.

I only told him about Long-Suffering. And he took it all the way.

It's pretty neat to see him leave this depression, but I am totally carrying this companionship on my back... He doesn't participate in lessons, nothing... I need him to stop crying, and man up. There are people here I want to see, and people I need to teach. And I can't do it because I got Mr Negative over here! EVEN to his very voice he just talks with a very low and without any expression tone. I can't even hear him most of the time and he starts to think I'm ignoring him! So I have to ask him to repeat what he says!

Right. I just wanted to let that out. But I've been going into phase 2 now. I am increasing my Charity levels. I have actually learned quite a bit about how to love someone. How to care, and how to carry a struggling soul. This Elder Hawkins is very naive. It's hard for me sometimes to live with him. He doesn't know what to do with himself, he just sits there or follows me like a dog. AND SAYS NOTHING! Everyday, even in the residence! I try to talk to him and he gives me short, dead-end responses. He just watches me. But I am obviously just needing a little more patience. And That's what I've been learning this week. Charity. Because I have a lack of Charity, and that's what I hope to improve on this transfer.

I'm still excited, and enthusiastic and alive and well!

STILL LOVE THE MISSION! LOVE EVERY DAY! I love egg sandwiches :)

Impressions of Puerto Iguazu:
I came here with a super attitude of happiness! And so my first day I was saying hi to everyone. And now I get a bunch of warm hello's in the morning! My landlords love me! It's fun!

Sunday, March 12, 2017

64th Week Out, Week 16 Montecarlo "Put Your Seatbelt On"

How's it!?

Yes, I'm still here! Don't forget, there is a Horton still out here in the middle of the South American continent. This week went by fast. I most likely will not be in the same area in like 8 dayish. There is a member family here that shows much sadness for that! They want to do something special for me before I leave (I heard they want to throw eggs and flour at me??????)


I have not much more to report for this week!

So it's been REALLY FUN, listening to BYU speeches of many different prophets. I would like to quote Gordon B. Hinckley:

"Live life like you were going to eternally, which you surely shall!"

Live everyday not with an anxiety that you must do every great thing possible before you die. But live knowing that you already will do every great thing for the rest of your existence.

We are only here, to put our seatbelt on. It's that simple.

Impressions of Monte Carlo:
I don't like dogs. For now.

Monday, March 6, 2017

63rd Week Out, Week 15 Montecarlo "Psalm 8:4"


What up!? Right then! Estoy Sano, Estoy Vivo, y Estoy Feliz!

Otra cosa más!? NI IDEA! I have about 2 weeks left in this transfer. I believe my next area may be my last. And I'm SUPER EXCITED ABOUT THAT OK!? ARE YOU KIDDING ME!? I AM GOING RAIN GOSPEL FROM THE SKY!


But hello. As of today I have no super legit report. Other than the fact that I am SO READY for this week and I will win.

A thought:

Page 127 I believe, in the Preach my Gospel manual 3 - 
"The Lord has invested much in you"

The Lord has invested MUCH in me by bringing me out here. To be in a state of complete and utter learning. From understanding to wisdom. Intelligence to knowledge. OH HOW SWEET THE FRUIT of this work is. I tell you!


Well, I don't know. But as I have been given much,

I too must give.

Impressions of MonteCarlo:
I don't like spanish keyboards! :)