Monday, February 1, 2016

7th Week Out, Week 1, Jardin America "My First Area, Jardin America" (northwest of Posadas along the Panara River, on the Argentina side of the mission)

My first P-Day in the Mission
field! Thursday morning I got my nombre companion Elder Evans who will be my trainer! I think my first area will be one for the memory books as our apartment, well it's pretty humbling! I have to hand wash my clothes. YOU DONT REALIZE HOW BLESSED YOU ARE TO HAVE A WASHING MACHINE! Seriously! There are random dogs everywhere and most people in this area has a very small house barely the size of 1 bedroom in a decent house in America.

Before we split up to our areas! Last moments 
with my companion from the MTC, 
Elder Bezzant.  Also last group picture with 
my MTC residence Elders.

I´m taller than EVERYTHING! I HAVE SO MANY THINGS TO SAY BUT I HAVE LIKE ZERO TIME! I´m so excited to be here! I know that the Lord is going to help me do his work so I´m not scared or anything! Maybe a little homesick cause OH MY GOSH THE FOOD! I HAVE NO FOOD HERE.... They like only eat lunch! They have like a super de duper big lunch and then don´t eat dinner! Let alone they may have breakfast. I went to the store today and bought like 50$ in food. (american money, so it was a lot..)

Thank you so much for reading my emails everyone! I love being out in the field. I hope all y'all want to serve missions that are getting ready to go! HOLY GOODNESS! I just...IN A NEW PLACE! It is different. Let me tell you. If you have questions please ask, everything here I share about.

One problem, I can´t send pictures yet. We go to  "Cyber" and use their computers which have viruses on them. I don´t want to plug my pictures into this virus stricken box. It will eat my photos. Therefore I am going to wait till I have the oportunity to use a safe computer. 

I LOVE EVERYONE! Especialmente you guys! Thanks for being cooler than the people who don´t read my emails! I WILL CONTINUE MY JOURNEY! Talk to ya all next Monday!

Impressions of El Jardín America:
There are no traffic laws... Well there are but no one follows them.. Or enforces them.. And the pedestrian DOES NOT have the right away. SO YA! 150 kilometers an hour and yeah! 
Everything here also looks really expensive but it really isn't. The inflation with Pesos is really bad here so like milk says 26$!!! Think about that for the United States. HAHA! Loco!

Bye everyone! I LOVE BEING A MISSIONARY! Till next Monday

-Elder Horton

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