Monday, October 31, 2016

46th Week Out, Santa Rita - Paraguay Week 17, "Ché Californiagua!"

Title: I´m from California!


What´s up fam, I´m totally winning right now. No real reason, just loving my life and making people happy! I have been doing a little moving too by the way because YEA WE MOVED! TODAY IS THE LAST DAY IN THE BUILDING WE ARE IN!

SO lets just talk a bit more about my brazilian Landlord. She is really cool! We asked her if she could help us move stuff because her family owns like 9 different cars, and she has like 3 trucks.

She was like yea no problem. She was going to let us use the trucks.....

Let me repeat, she said, YEA you guys can just take both of them. Bring them back when you are done.......

HOLY CRAP WE ALMOST BROKE MISSION RULES BOYS AND GIRLS. WEEW. Hah! You don´t even know! My life! 😆 So, back to real-ness, we got moved, and stuff and yea. That happened. Today we are going to finish up the last bit of moving and then yea.

MY GOODNESS! WHat is up my friends? I´m about to hit the 365 day mark. Can someone just give me a WHAT BECAUSE THATS CRAZY! I was at like 700 and now I´m down to just 410. That´s really bad because I´m noticing right now how fast it goes, and pretty soon I´ll be at like 7 days left. I will be running all cylinders. GUYS I´m not ready to die! I´VE GOT SO MUCH MORE TO DO!

Alright back to real-ness again, I´m sure we all understand that God performs miracles in the latter days. WELL about that, here´s and experience from the mission life of Elder Horton:

Me and Elder Madder went to go visit someone. She turned out to be busy. So we went further and found a field. Elder Madder was like, let´s go out there. I was like YES. ANd we get out to the middle of this massive field. And he begins to look out at a group of houses in the distance. There was a light that we both saw. And we decided on a house. Eventually we found that house and found a 24 year old woman. She came out a little nervous and teary eyed.

From that point I can´t say much more than this: That the Missionary work that happens all over the world. Not one bit of it isn´t supervised by divine authority.

I can´t tell you without feeling that I love being a missionary. I show it in the way I feel, because I can´t express it with word.

Keep the commandments! Be where the Lord wants you to be!

Impressions of Santa Rita:
I gave the dedicatory prayer of the new building here! SICK!

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