Monday, October 24, 2016

45th Week Out, Santa Rita - Paraguay Week 16, "Mba´échapa reiko!?"

Title means: WHATS UP!?

Che cheréra Elder Horton! Areko pa jasy pytu´u mba´apóguipema! 
Che ajehekombo´ehina Guaraní! Ahayhu añe´ẽ Guaranípe!

Translation> My name is Elder Horton! I have 10 months on the mission already! I am learning Guaraní! I love speaking in Guaraní!

YEA, basically I will be speaking the Lamanite language. Paraguay is the home of this ancient language! There is nothing like it in the world! It´s its own dialect! You never really know how much fun it is to speak in another language untill you speak 4 at one time. English, Castellano, Portuguese, and Guaraní! I can almost pray in Guaraní, the others I can pray in! IT IS SO COOL! You´re all going to die when you see me up there giving my home-coming ending testimony. I´m going to say things in all of the languages I´ve learned.

So I´m in exodus now, Moses´s dad has just counseled Moses to consult with God over rules and stuff. I´m sure I´m getting into a very boring part of the Bible... BUT I´M GOING TO READ IT ALL! It´s actually very very fascinating. I would love to know what the "Manna" that they ate tasted like! CELESTIAL BREAD FROM ON HIGH! They said it was like a wafer baked with honey.... 40 years of that people... I would love to taste it!

HEY I got pictures, I´m linking them to the bottom. Just scroll all the way to the bottom. I got tricked I thought you had to open each and every file. But they´re all there open at the bottom. (just incase anyone was fooled like me)

HELLO, I heard there are new people in the ward, that means they don´t know me, and I don´t know them. Its like having one of your cousins get married. And then they come over to the Christmas party with their whole family and you´re like, Oh frick. I can´t wait to see the ward! Happens to everyone though right? "Hi I´m Elder blah blah, I see a lot of new faces, in case you don´t know me, I´m the son of blah blah" HAA

Super de duper, I don´t know about you but ITS GETTING CRAZY DOWN HERE IN MISSION ARGENTINA POSADAS! So President calls in all the zone leaders and is like HEY WE´RE GOING TO DO STUFF! And then the stuff is dispersed amongst us the missionaries. So this time, President I believe is taking the missionaries out of a lot of groups! He wants to use a monopoly tactic that my companion uses on me to win! So in monopoly, a strategy would be to focus in on your strongest set of properties. You don´t use anything on the ones that are not going to make you much profit. What you do is, you sell everything and then put it all in on your main source of income! Then you win because the next person who touches your parking spot, gets fined their life´s fortune and they lose everything!

President wants to do just that! He is going to take missionaries out of groups (smaller sources of income) and he´s putting multiple companionships in the same wards and branches! So I may be living with 2 more missionaries for the first time! I´m currently in a group, I believe I´m going to be targeted for action pretty soon here!

OH and my companion lost our phone. So yea, life sucks. BUT GUESS WHAT, our Landlord is SUPER RICH! And she LOVES AMERICANS! So she learned English and teaches a class! (I´m going to go off topic for a sec, stay with me) She teaches a lot of students English! The fun part is, when we go out to teach people, WE FIND HER STUDENTS! And you know what we get the priviledge of saying? "So you take an English class? Who is your teacher? AHH Really? Guess who teaches HerUS!" Anyways I feel super superior when I say that to people. 😎 WE TEACH YOUR TEACHER! Anyways back to the phone. She is super rich and we eat dinner with her like every other day! (you don´t eat dinner here... That´s a win) She was like Oh really you lost your phone? That´s fine, I´ll just loan you my phone until you get another one! HAAAAA! WHat the freak!? So yea we have her phone, I´m pretty sure that is against mission rules, but its not a smart phone, so it doesnt have internet or anything! SO WE WILL SEE WHERE THAT GOES!

Cool. Also, that same landlord, (Her name is Euce by the way ( iewsie )) And she built us a new house to live in. So she´s like yea go over there its better (and it is better) WE´RE GONNA MOVE! It´s so fancy, I´ll take pictures of like a before and after type thing. If I remember. Ha!

I´m talking a lot. I have to go, but HEY! I hope you all have a super de duper week. I love being a missionary!

And the things which are upothese plates pleasing me,because of the prophecies of the coming of Christ; and myfatherknowing that many of them have been fulfilled;yea, and also know that as many things ahave beenprophesied concerning us down to this day have beenfulfilled, and as many as go beyond this day must surelycome to pass—

Impressions of Santa Rita:
I have had more Déjà vu moments in Santa Rita than in my whole life!

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