Monday, October 3, 2016

42nd Week Out, Santa Rita - Paraguay Week 13, "Love Missionary Work!"

How is life!? HEY I found out transfers today! I´m staying here! In Santa Rita! ITS GREAT! BECAUSE I LOVE SANTA RITA!

HOLY MOTHER OF ALL GOOD THINGS, I LOVE MY COMPANION! We win! My zone is cool! The sun is shining! The tank is clean! And we are all getting outtaa.... 😱 The tank is clean!? -Peach, Nemo

Anyhow, some other people are dying (going home (finishing their full time)) and leaving the zone! IT´s really sad because there´s not a lot of missionaries in my mission! So we get super attached to our areas. But my poor zone leader got called to another zone. We will see what happens with him.

I've been playing a lot of Uno by the way. And CNUNO. It´s basically Uno but stolen by Paraguay. Its weird playing a Spanish named game in a Spanish speaking country. Because you´re all like HEY, UNO, and yea.

Hey! Guess what, we have a couple baptisms lined up in like 3ish weeks. SO WE WILL SEE HOW THAT GOES! I'm really excited if you can´t tell. We´re going to like carry the zone this month if that happens because we have like 4 lined up. LEGITNESS!

I´m doing wonderful by the way, LOVE MISSIONARY WORK! I love the Church. Wow, let´s talk about that for a bit. I LOVe this church. Conference was awesome! I hope you all got to go and see that. Do you know how lucky you are to be a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints? IT is super hard for people outside the church to join. I've realized that thoroughly < Thats maybe not a word... through out the mission. Many people have I talked with who are still struggling to find out the truth.

You need to know as a member of this church even as President Uchtdorf said < not sure if that is how you spell it... BUT HE said that we tend to take things for granted. Or I guess as he said, The natural man takes for granted.

I´m sure you all have big and bright testimonies in the church. Just know I´M HERE A COUPLE MILES A WAY ROOTING YOU ON!

So be great, because you were meant to be great.

Impressions of Santa Rita:
I have realized that cobblestone is not my preferred choice of street. My knees hurt.

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