Monday, November 7, 2016

47th Week Out, Santa Rita - Paraguay Week 18, "Ndikatùi!"

Title: No es posible! (Its not possible!)
Olà meus conhecidos! Faz muito tempo que falamos! Mais como vai!? Meu companheiro e Eu falamos mais Portuguès! It really is working too! BUT HEY! I have got some real news for you guys! President Svec came over to Ciudad Del Este and had all of us missionaries interviewed. So basically what happened is he told me I`m going to be training a new missionary! My companion also! So he is actually going to close Santa Rita from missionary work for a time. It`s hard telling everyone here that we aren`t going to be here in about a week and a half.

President said there are a lot of American Sisters coming to our mission and a few brazilian elders. I`m not sure if there are any gringo Elders but I`m excited for a brazilian! But you have to keep in mind that I`m leaving my area to train someone. Therefore regardless of what happens I`m going to be completely left to myself in a new area. Like I`m going to either open a new area or fill in an area that I don`t know at all. SO ITS LIKE SUPER LEGIT! Because I`m going to be carrying the missionary work in my next area completely on my back!

I`m actually really really excited for this! You don`t even know! I`m ready to see what I`m capable of. I think the Lord wants to see my ability, so I`m going to give it all I`ve got.

So that`s that! Super exciting! Oh and I don`t know if I`ll be in Argentina or Paraguay, President didn't tell me. My companion Elder Madder will be sent to Argentina. He may even terminate his mission there. I would love to stay in Paraguay! I love it here.

Also, today my whole zone ditched me and Elder Madder so they could go see waterfalls... They said we are too far away so we won`t make it on time... WHATEVER THEN! I`m the party, so they won`t have a party without me. HA!

Jk but yea! I am doing great, just saying bye to the people of Santa Rita is hard! Especially our Landlord. Sad day!

HEY! So Yes I do cook, but most of the time the members want us to come over and eat! I make more deserts than I do actual food. I make lemon bars, donut holes, rice milk and sugar, cake, cookies, microwave cookies! Lots of things! I don`t know how to make any of the typical foods here, but anything regular that needs boiling or cooking in a pan or meat, its not that hard!

One of the biggest challenges I`ve been facing on the mission is keeping my energy up. Its really hard.

Actually you don`t even know 1/4 of the things that I can tell you about my mission. Human traffickers, cocaine doers, the obnoxiously mean, weed, guns, deaths, fornication.

I can tell you, that we live in an absolutely wicked world. I may be on the very throne of Satan over here...

But IT BUILDS MY TESTIMONY SO MUCH! I am so extremely humbled that God has chosen me to be one of his servants. And placed me in a place that is quite hard. Because He trusts that I can save some of His children here.

And yea that is what I`ve learned from it as of now.

SUCCESSES? Lets see, the biggest success I would say, is that I`ve become a person. My goal in life, like my main goal is to walk uprightly before the Lord.


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