Monday, October 17, 2016

44th Week Out, Santa Rita - Paraguay Week 15, "Holding on to the Iron Rod"

Can you pray?
HEY! HAUPEI! There are so many missionaries out on the mission now is that not just the weirdest thing!? I bet the whole ward just shrunk infinitely! That`s ok though! Brennen will be getting back in like a few months here. How much time does he have left? Oh my gosh... If you go to his blogspot you will see a big fat 90 days left on his whole mission! ARE YOU KIDDING ME!?
How does that happen? I remember when I just started Senior year and he left for the MTC... That must have been 2 ish years ago. WOW! And then if you head on over to mine! You`ll find an even larger number! WOO HOO!
It is a weird thing because many of the missionaries here have been going home! They are finishing their missions. I am like one of the older ones now according to time here. And you know what, many of them have been sending emails out to the mission here when they get home. And they all say ITS NOT WORTH IT! STAY ON THE MISSION!
I love that. Makes me love the mission even more! In my zone there will be a lot of people transferred and leaving the mission! So that`s going to be a crazy change! I wonder what`s gonna happen!! I`m like hinting at returning back to Argentina. I don`t know why. I may even be a zone leader due to the massive ejection of zone leaders happening here too! That`s gonna be different.
Anyways, I`m still holding to the "Iron Rod!" Everything is awesome! I may be having 2 baptisms in the following 2 weeks. They`re super cool! I guess I can describe their situation a bit: They are like 24 and 25. Sisters, named Silvia and Sady. Silvia already knew about the church, she moved though and never assisted. Then she found the small church we have in Santa Rita, in which she lives about 45 min away from. (In Paraguay, if someone comes to church who lives 20 min away, that is an achievement😎) She brought her sister Sady the next time! Then we went out to their place and started teaching them!
We taught them about the plan of salvation and then asked them to be baptized! They both answered directly and firmly with a YES I WOULD LIKE THAT!
Well halelujah.
I watched the movie: The Singles Ward. Comment: Ha!
BUT HEY YEA MUCH WORDS SMALL TIME! I love the mission, people. I Can`t tell you enough. Like the walmart slogan: Save money, live better
Save souls, live eternally. WITH THEM. That was so bad. πŸ˜‚
I`ve been studying a lot my patriarchal blessing. Just know everyone, that EVERYTHING was already planned. There is nothing here in this life that was not planned for. Although your agency can mess with the out come. It was already planned for. GUIDANCE IS FREE PEOPLE! You can have it! Use it!
Ok I am actually gonna say, you are dumb if you don`t ask God for help.
It`s like an open book test. Just, the book is hard to read, for those who don`t like to study. READ THE WORDS OF THE PROPHETS!
I have come to find that the only thing that will ever matter in your life is your testimony in the church. I feel sufficiently seasoned to say that the church is true. And I now know that it is. I can sit down and tell you why for hours and hours. But you will only find out for yourself when you seek it through divine manifestation.
THE CHRUCH IS TRUE MY FREINDS! And we are in the last days. Good luck with trump (Revelations talks about a trump in the last days. πŸ˜‰)
Impressions of Santa Rita:
I`ve been reading the Old Testament. THAT THING IS RATED R!

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