Monday, October 17, 2016

Special Post to Mom and Dad, "We are all here for a Purpose"

I`ve been studying a lot about the pre-mortal life! It`s really cool when you know what was before. It gives you a different perspective on this journey!

I have learned that we are all here for a purpose. Not small purposes, each one of us can do as big of a change as the prophet of the church is doing. We just need to put in the effort.

I have also learned that God is an intelligent being. He knows ALL things, and everything is planned out. Anything that happens was already planned for. We may have our own agency, but that only affects where WE are ourselves in the second life!

Finally! WE ALL WON ALREADY! Try to understand me when I say this, we already won. We kept our first estate! So we got the oportunity to get a body and come into this second estate! We should rejoice every single day for being here! IT IS SO COOL! WE HAVE THE SPECIAL priviledge to gain knowledge and learn everything we can! And if we keep our second estate we will have glory added upon our heads forever and ever! If we keep the commandments!

THis life is to pick which kingdom of glory we will spend the rest of our existenc in. SO choose the right, and get to the celestial kingdom!

So yea.. Thats what I have been studying. Cool stuff. THere is a lot more I can say, I just hate my keyboard. Share this message with mom too.


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