Monday, September 26, 2016

41st Week Out, Santa Rita - Paraguay Week 12, "Maiteìpa pene!"

Title means; HOW Are YALL!

Guaranì is so freaking fun! I`m trying to learn it really much because I want that. I don`t know what I just said there but, English.

HEY! I`m just about finishing up with this translado in Santa Rita! I think Elder Madder has been one of my best companions. I love the way he teaches and studies, it really helps me out.

ok first I would like to share an answer to a question an investigator made to me. So the person asked me Why do we dream? And I said; Well that`s when God says HICISTE BUEN TRABAJO ENRIQUE! Tenga una pelicula!

That, and well my zone has the highest amount of Baptisms for this month! WOO! Pride. DOn`t. I`m doing great people! rockin it on the mish, I`ve been working on my cavakenho (Ukelele) skills. So yea Paul I`m on that. Check!

Super fast week also. I know everyone says that, but like WHAT THE HECK MAN! I´m about to have my 2nd General Conference on the mission! Like what is that!? Who is excited for conference!?

Anyhow, I have no real big news, we´ve been trying to get new investigators. Most of the people we teach its really hard to get them to do things. Like read... That´s probably the hardest thing of this mission. You know that they want it when they actually read what you left them.

I´M STILL TRYING TO GET PICTURES! Hold on! I hope you all have a wonderful week, and enjoy conference.

Impressions of Santa Rita:
Like most of our investigators are RICH RICH Brazilians, and they give us food and deserts like all the time. ITS THE BEST!

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