Monday, August 1, 2016

33rd Week Out, Santa Rita - Paraguay Week 4, "The Spirit Does Everything"

HEY PEOPLE! ONCE AGAIN another successful week gone by! I am so happy! You guys aren´t going to believe this but I have 19 years of age and I totally feel like that´s a lot of years. yep. However I feel like I have many many more years to complete with success in every week. How about that!?

I´m pleased to announce that me and my companion are the most productive in my zone. (I´m totally full of myself right now, sorry) We have numbers that beat our entire district combined. It´s sad because the poor creatures are having sicknesses and one of the companionships has a sister that can´t walk that well. So really I´m saying we have regular numbers, and my district is suffering...

OH MY GOSH PROGRESS PEOPLE! My city is blooming with people who just may get baptized. We´re trying to put out baptismal dates on everyone but they´re like um.. I´m trying to baptize my kid in my church. Then we wip out the AUTHORITY TO BAPTIZE on them and then they´re like oh. And we ask them to pray about it. :)

No but for real it´s hard out here to teach people because you feel like you´re dropping cane on them with gospel doctrine they don´t have. I´m always teaching in a very soft manner because I have found it very easy to just shove the truth in peoples faces. But I don´t want to do that, I want to hand it to them and they can see if they really want it. Well, the spirit does everything so I don´t know, I´ll just go with the flow. :D

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