Monday, August 22, 2016

37th Week Out, Santa Rita - Paraguay Week 8, "Continually Read the Book of Mormon"

What´s up! I´m back, another week completed! If you were wondering what haupei means it is the Salutation of Paraguay. It also means y despues which means like what´s up.

I HAVE BEEN INCREASING MY PING PONG SKILLS, and my arm size. My companion has successfully gotten me to work out in the morning everyday. Today was an exception. I feel bad, but HEY my mission president said that there are many many ways to exercise. Like ping pong is exercise so YEA!

WAIT, like all of the families here in my group went to the temple. So that´s great. We might actually see some real business pop down here. It´s actually really crazy because one of the families here was struggling. The dad was a drinker, and his wife had trouble with him. The kids suffered too. But then one day our Branch president called him to be his 2nd counselor. Like some serious faith was thrown down. And he decided right then and there that he wasn´t going to drink anymore. AND HE HASN´T FALLEN BACK INTO IT SINCE I GOT HERE.

Now they went to the temple and are sealed, endowed members of the church. I am doubly impressed.

We have started playing monopoly. I bought the board game here. It´s in Portuguese. And it´s the debit card one. Legitness. My companion is owning me. I EVEN LOSE TO MEMBERS. It´s so fun though.

We have 2 investigators here that the missionaries have been working with for a long time. They always come to church though. Like almost every Sunday. The only reason they´re not baptized is because they need to get married. The guy, Ruben, needs to divorce with his other partner. And then he can get married. So really I can´t do anything but invite them to church and pass by occasionally. The thing is that he is SO COOL! He´s a doctor, he gets called around all over other parts of Paraguay, and to Argentina. He´s SO SMART TOO! He always comments during the gospel doctrine class at church.

I hope he can do it one day. I keep trying to put more blessing on the line for him. Like talking about the temple, and sealings. And patriarchal blessings. (things you can only get when you are a member type stuff) :)

Anyways, I would like to declare another testimony again. I´ve been thinking, and I just want to say: what you think you´re not good at, you´re the best at. I do believe there is a negative influence that comes from the enemy of God, to the children of men. When you feel like you can´t do something, it´s only because the enemy KNOWs that you would be a very very EFFECTIVE asset to the righteous team if you are allowed to go 100% on that thing.

Like if you feel like you are super bad at sharing your testimony with other people, WELL WELL, I think you are just a race car that´s not on the track yet.

Satan is always working, he is going to try and stop the greatest players of the game at the earliest moment he can.

But we all know who is going to win the game, regardless of what happens.

Joseph Smith had a little battle with the dark side before he had the light come.

I challenge each and everyone of you reading this to put yourself to the test. If you feel like you can´t do something, it´s probably because you CAN do it, and maybe even more than other people(if it be for the building up of the kingdom of God. For all gifts of God are given; for the building up of the kingdom of God on earth)

Find your gift, because you´re on God´s team, and he needs YOU.

I testify that if you fight the negative influence you will beat it. And you will lay up many treasures in heaven. This I say in the name of Jesus Christ, amen.

Impressions of Santa Rita:
I´ve never seen more rich like houses in my whole life, than that which I have seen in this city. Freaking Brazilians.

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