Monday, July 25, 2016

32nd Week Out, Ciudad Del Este - Paraguay Week 3, "Power of Member Missionary Work"


I had a great day! Absolutely chill, we are in Ciudad Del Este otra vez! Went to a new store that opened up! HOLY GOODNEsS OF ALL THINGS! That place is cool! I bought a 32gb pin drive for 6 dollars... cheap. If you didn't know, that`s pretty cheap... LIKE OH MY GOSH! I have so many pictures to share too... But I can`t because I`m having trouble transferring them to computers that don`t have SD Card reader slots... WOW I JUST REMEMBERED I HAVE A SD>USB converter.

That is so awkward, I`m sorry. I`ll get right on that next week! SO! Did you know that here in Paraguay, PEOPLE JUST SAY THE F-WORD LIKE ITS CANDY!? It`s not even funny. I try teaching the primary class this Sunday and what do I hear? OUT OF THE MOUTH OF EVERY CHILD THERE! WITH AN AGE UNDER 10 EACH AND EVERY ONE OF THEM!?

ITs so bad because they don`t even know.. I tried to get them to not like that word. I just flat out told them that its a bad word, I don`t know if that makes them want to use it more or when they`re angry? HELP ME PEOPLE I HAVE DIRTY MOUTH CHILDREN HERE! It`s ok, they`re innocent. They hear it on tv.. And they watch programs on tv... that are so SO BAD! PEOPLE! Here in this country there is not a movie rating system. Well at least I don`t think there is because everyone here thinks its ok to watch absolutely horrific rated R movies. Like in the middle of our visit!

Oh my gosh, I`m freakin out guys.

WE PLAYED VOLLEYBALL TODAY! The first time in my life in forever! YES! I`m so alive right now. You get me? We played with our whole zone! I couldn't hit it at anyone because they were all sisters! None of the elders wanted to play.. BUT NO ME IMPORTA BECAUSE I LOVE VOLLEY! Honestly I die. I need to play in college one day. We will see what happens with that.

Hello. Ok so I haven`t been having that much "success" if you want to call it with the mission. Like of course we help people every day, we teach the gospel to SO many people. But none of them have really committed to our teachings, and prayed about it. Or tried to really comprehend our message! SO! What I did with my companion basically was, we dragged one of the members around all day and had him share testimony about the things we were teaching. Then we just ripped our investigatores with our super missionary powers (Holy Ghost) and poof here I am. We are going to see what happens the rest of this week with our investigators.

Ok if you didn't understand, we basically challenged all of our investigators to pray about our message. (And we did it quite well if you ask me :)

Now they HAVE TO DO IT! Or else I`m going to have to

do something.

Missionary work is hard. :)

I`ve been reading recently in the sermon on the mount. Super fun, I`ll just say that we have commandments given. Not just the 10 commandments. And even a commandment that says to SEARCH THE PROPHETS (find the commandments). I love reading! I`m starting to record the commandments I find as I read! It`s super great because I can look back at my notes and remember what I must do to be in better spiritual shape!


Impressions of Santa Rita:
Well, my companion apparently killed a pig recently in his last transfer. In Santa Rita... I don`t think that`s allowed... I`m not going to do that... He`s trying to get us in on that again. I`m trying to avoid it. Its going to be really awkward when I have to tell my companion the "no I would not like to participate"


:) Love, Elder HORTON! WOO!

THe pension :)

It´s organized now, no worries :)


We live in the church, its a group. This is the living room

Best bathroom ever.

Outside the church

CIUDAD DEL ESTE BABY! This is like nothing, you don´t even know.

Oh you know :)

First time in my life with american food




YES :) her companion is Hermana Nacimiento she is from Brazil.

The hermana in the back next to Hermana Nacimiento is Hermana Katalin, she has 2 months on the mission! Her trainers are the two other hermanas next to me! Hermana Cannon and Hermana Vera! (closet to furthest) :)

CIUDAD DEL ESTE! Black market!

These freakin suits are 15 dollars...

I am not a liar. lying is a sin.



What the heck... are you saying to me right now...?


WOO! They have everything!




IN another mission! Ascuncion? On my way to get papers done!

Elder Ferner was my companion for that! The other Hermana I forgot her name,
but she has like a month on the mission now!

This other Elder Is from Brazil! Oh and Ferner is from Brazil too!


Still Asuncion!



Once again, Thank you Pizza Hut for being in Paraguay.


I thought these looked like really ugly reindeer.


Look at his face! The first one on the left, that is the face of victory!

HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO ME! The Hermana's threw me a party!

Hotel being constructed! WOO!

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