Monday, August 15, 2016

35th Week Out, Santa Rita - Paraguay Week 6, "Hard to Teach with Olympics On"

What´s up people! I had a great week! We did lot´s of stuff, mainly missionary work. I feel the need to confess like Brennen did that IT IS SO HARD WHEN THE OLYMPICS ARE ON to do missionary work. Because you get in there and they´re watching Men´s volleyball and BRAZIL IS PLAYING and you´re just like OH MY GOSH KILL ME! But yea, no worries Brennen you aren´t the only one. (Brazil won)

AHEM* Right, I have watched another missionary die... It´s so sad, because there is lots of crying when it´s a misionera. Poor Hermana Cannon left the mission today. Pretty sure she is on her plane right now. I don´t like to think about what it´s gonna be like for me. Especially when I am reunited with my Chick Fil A sauce. That´s gonna be a video, y´all are gonna wanna see. Excuse me for my horrible english. Who speaks that anymore?

We had 7 FREAKING investigators in church this Sunday, I died. So happy. I don´t feel the need to name all of them, but ARE YOU KIDDING ME one of the families we got to church took 5 months of missionaries to finally decide to come. They still need to START reading the book of mormon. Oh my goodness let me tell you, if your investigators don´t read the book of mormon, it is SO HARD to get them to progress. Because you teach them and then they ask questions about things that THEY WOULD HAVE KNOWN ALREADY if they had read the part that we left for them THE LAST TIME WE CAME OVER!

Wow my life. I´m on like page 406 in Jesus The Christ. Absolutely wonderful book, every part of it I like. I think I´d put that book 2nd to the Book of Mormon. Full of heavenly inspiration I do believe.

OK so Saturday we taught an Evangelist family. EVERYONE HERE IS EVANGELIST OR CATHOLIC. My life it hurts. You walk in right? And then you start teaching the Palabra De Sabiduría and they ask you: Do you believe in the gift of tongues? Why yes we do Hermano Gonzalez, such as being able to speak to someone´s heart, or being able to speak in different languages because of the gift from the spirit.

They´re the religion that believes screaming and mumbling random gibberish is the gift of tongues. You can tell already how hard it was to teach that to them. They still didn´t accept it..

Hey, remember when I talked about Guaraní? The language? It is so funny! This is how to greet someone in Guaraní: mba'éichapa   (mba´eh´shapah) You have to say it fast, not too fast but like fluent. I´m gonna be speaking so weird stuff when I get off this 2 year trip.

Oh and hey, I lost my stuff for the first time ever! (Not) (I´ve lost like 2 cameras already..)(wow) I lost my bank card, from the mission and from home! And all of my documents that make me legal here in Paraguay. Luckily I had 200,000 Guarani´s with me because I lost that too! (That´s like 37 dollars)

Wonderful, wonderful. Anyways para terminar esta carta, quisiera exhortaros que vengan y sigan al Señor Jesucristo y poner su fe en las escrituras. Por´que Él es el único que pueda llevaros al reino celestial. Busquéis y encontraréis. Os digo la verdad.

That was in vosotros, I´m awesome, (And I have a Spanish correcter so what the hay)

Love you all, have a great week!

Impressions of Santa Rita:
One of our investigators named Auda, got in a car accident with a tree. Her aunt fell out of the car because she got scared and opened it before they impacted. Her aunt almost died, she also jumped out with a baby in her hands. The baby was not even a year old... The baby is fine though. The aunt remains in the hospital. The family now has to pay 80,000,000 Guaraníes some how. They are fundraising.

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