Monday, August 8, 2016

34th Week Out, Santa Rita - Paraguay Week 5, "Read the Scriptures"


The Paraguayan fields here are endless!
Wonderful week! Super. I got about 8 months now on the mission! Me falta 15 more. That`s a lot of FRICKEN AWESOMENESS WAITING TO HAPPEN BOYS AND GIRLS! (brothers and sisters) Anyhow, nothing really new this week. I have been unable to put baptismal dates unfortunately! Hopefully something will happen. We have been finding lots of good investigators. I have a lot of faith in them that they will progress!

This was a very fast smooth transfer. This is my last we
ek with Elder Cancino. We had entrevistas with Presidente Svec. He is a lot different from Presidente LaPierre. He goes really fast, and chop chop you`re done with your interview! I didn`t get to say anything! Like HEY PRESIDENT I`M SUPER EXCITED TO BE HERE! I HOPE YOU HAVE A WONDERFUL TIME WITH US IN THE MISSION FIELD! He did say one thing to me though that I didn`t understand. He said something like- condorito? He told me its a dibujo (cartoon) someone is gonna have to look that up for me and explain to me what it is!

President also told me that I will be staying in Santa Rita this next transfer, and he`s going to take Elder Cancino and put him as a zone leader! Wow! All of my companions go on to bigger and better things! It`s like I`m a catalyst for my companions. We make big numbers and president is like OH! ELDER HH... Cancino! You must be a great missionary! I`m gonna make you a leader!

Haha! That`s ok, I like being missionary 2, I don`t have a lot of responsibilities :)))

But still, I have like 8 months, DO SOMETHING WITH ME PRESIDENT! haha! Just kidding.

I love the mission everyone! Want to have another testimony to lean on?

Bueno, I as a special respresentative of Jesus Christ give my testament of the truthfulness of the Book of Mormon. And that it teaches all men that they should do good. Furthermore it`s purpose is to bring men to believe in Christ. And all those who believe on Jesus Christ will believe on that book also! For it is promised by the spirit through the prophet Nephi! -2 Nephi 33:10

My fellow Americans (brothers and sisters) In your very hands you hold the firm durable metal bar from the dream Lehi had. You hold that bar of straight and narrow guidance. And you can see the light at the end of the way!

The world reads the scriptures and it can be said that there are many mysteries of God that are not know. In the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints there are NO MYSTERIES. I testify that you may know of all things(Moroni 10:5), of every single mystery that God has, if you ask in faith to your Heavenly Father! And I know he will give to you the knowledge if you be worthy to receive it.

Love yall, have a great week!

Beautiful Sky (santa Rita)
Elder Cancino!
Plans to the new church building that we will be renting! (not actual church, we are still a group, 
the church builds a building when it becomes a branch I do believe)
This is what it will look like when it is finished!
I live in a very brazilian rich place.
Baby of one of the members here!
The church building in Minga Guazu! (pronounced Minga wasoo!)
I put tooth paste on my face
We have a doctor as an investigator here, HE IS SO FLIPPING RICH HOLY CRAP! And his wife is a bio chemist.. So yea. And she told me to put it on my face to help me with my acne!
I`m not kidding.
These are my legalization papers (Make me legal to stay here)
Turns out they put me that I`m from Brazil, and not from the United States! HAHA!
I tell everyone I`m from Brazil and I speak to them in Portuguese!

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