Monday, December 26, 2016

54th Week Out, Week 6 Montecarlo "Transfers came, I am staying in Montecarlo."

YEAAAAAA! Alright so I`m like brain dead right now, its too hot and I`m a little sick. So I`m going to try to write but I`m dying currently!

SKYPE! Just skyped my fam! It was like trying to get in EVERY LAST DROP of the time because I love skyping! Its so refreshing after not being able to see or hear your family after a while! Christmas was awesome! A lot less than what it is at home but it still is something! (we didn`t do anything :) ) But thats ok, I was well pleased with the skype call!

Anyways, transfers are really weird! All of the missionaries in Paraguay are illegal now. (I don`t know what happened) But now about 70% of the mission is here in Misiones Argentina. ITS CRAZY! President openned a bunch of new areas! AND NOT ONLY THAT! 18 NEW MISSIONARIES CAME IN! They aren`t here yet, but I`m sure they left the MTC today. They will get hereWednesday!

I`m not sure how many will come from Buenos Aires, and from Provo Utah. But regardless there are 18 new missionaries coming to the mission! This is the group that makes up the most of the work that President Svec does while serving here in Argentina. I`m now just kind of the side-show President LaPierre/Svec missionary now. It`s ok though.

I`m staying in Montecarlo! I was bumped down though to just being trainer. I don`t know why.. I hope I wasn`t doing a bad job as District Leader? I`m sure President just had plans that needed to be done fast because all of the missionaries came to Argentina. I may be a zone leader at some point. I have been a trainer and district leader for the majority of my mission. Haha!

BUT YEA! I love all y`all! Have a great week! I think it is the week off of school! Enjoy it!

Impressions of Montecarlo:
It is so hot here, I walk around with an umbrella for shade. But not only that, it rains in broad day-light. Even with few clouds. So even if people think I`m crazy, I`m really more prepared that they are :)

Sorry no pictures for now! I`ll work on it!

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