Monday, December 12, 2016

52nd Week Out, Week 4 Montecarlo "GOD KNOWS EVERYTHING! You just have to let him open the doors"

Hey everyone! How is life? How is cold weather? I miss cold. It is a weird thing to say. But being sun burnt currently, because I thought I was impenetrable, just really makes one want to be in the cold! HA! But yea. It is hot here, and that isn`t going to change any time soon!

Alright now! Let`s talk about me! I LOVE MY MISSION! It is so neat to be able to learn Portuguese, and Castellano! Like we even have that weird Chinese language of Guaranì! I know everyone takes personal pride in their own missions, but I just would like to throw that out there a bit :) .

I am working! IT is HARD but I am learning other things completely different that one wouldn't really think about in an area like this! Like not even about the hard work and rejection. Completely new things, that open my mind and have extremely affected my future testimony and the way I pray! I LOVE LEARNING ABOUT WHO GOD IS! All the time I just get deeper, and it never gets worse, only better! It is really interesting.

I believe someone with a sure understanding of who our Father in Heaven is that will take them pretty far in the gospel. More than most doctrines.

My area! YEA!....................

I am so excited to skype this christmas! I will have one call left on my mission after this one. And this is my last christmas too! :) I bought another Journal agenda thing for this year coming up, going to fill that with the next year of awesomeness!

SWEETNESS! Lets finish this email off with a good old fashion testimony. OR maybe I could just share something that has been dawning on me recently in this transfer. So when I was home, and getting prepared to send my papers in for the mission. I always had a fear. Everyone has at least one fear of the mission. I was all in, like regardless of my fears, but to talk about this I think might be advantageous to other young people and maybe some other ways for you parents. But my quirk was that I was afraid the mission was going to take away.. me. Like yea of course I would LOVE to be rich in the testimony one can achieve in the church! YES I want to serve the Lord with all my heart because even being so naive to deep down gospel, I knew from my parents and primary and everything that it is a good thing to serve God. I just thought for a moment. All of the missionaries that came home would come home with SUPER Testimonies, and say a lot of stuff! And I understood like nothing they were saying. Just gospel gibberish to me at the time. Because they spoke in a way that only hits you if you are listening in spirit and heart and mind. I was only mind. Therefore I received none of that sweetness. But I would notice that the way the person was before, was not how they were when they came home. In my primitive knowledge, I thought that was just not good for me.

I mean look at me. For those that don`t know I like to scream and yell. I love crazy and fun things! I am a very extreme person when it comes to being routed up and cheering on! I used to be extreme in attitude also and many other weaknesses that I have realized throughout the mission meditating back on my life.

But the fact of the matter is I thought I wasn`t going to be the super explosive and crazy me again, if I left for the mission. It`s like the feeling of death row! You know you`re going to die, because regardless you are going to do it. It hit me that hard... But

Lets talk about what I have learned.

Satan is always working to stop you. I think I`m just going to be frank on saying that.

And, God not only changes you, but he does it in a way that doesn't take away your personality. It cleanes you from sin. And then amplifies who you are. I feel the spirit even know typing that out.

God, wants to be a part of your life. LET HIM! OH how can I give you my fellows the understanding I have. I don`t know how to say these things.

Just know people, that you are the creation. Not the creator. You must give into His will. You are only attacking yourself! In my example, I was attacking myself almost pulling me from serving a mission or not giving full obedience or something.

We don`t understand. That is a fact. That is why we are here. GOD KNOWS EVERYTHING! You just have to let him open the doors! WAIT! Don`t over think anything. JUst continue, and have confidence NO have FAITH that God will make everything right. And we cannot rely on our own understanding.

That is so confusing, I don`t think anyone will follow me. But I tell you people, I have found myself. I KNOW WHO I AMMMMMMMM

Can I scream that to you!? I Love everything! I love being alive! It is so fun, and there are so many opened doors to me that I see! I feel like the 12 apostles talking to the paganism struck gentiles.... 

I don`t know how to tell you whats in my head, or what I have had revealed to me! But if all else fails (like all of the apostles say when they get to this point I`m at) Love God! Serve Him! Follow Him! Understand his will through His spirit, He gives answers freely!

Ha! I love the Gospel. Have a great week everyone!

Impressions of Montecarlo:
Well apparently the word Humilde (Humble) here means not just being humble and without pride, and submissiveness. It means being Poor, and with starvation, and without a house.... HA! So yea, I think I will have to explain a little more when using the word Humble.. :)

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