Monday, December 19, 2016

53rd Week Out, Week 5 Montecarlo "I made Lemon Bars and Buttermilk Pancakes!"


ITS ALMOST CHRISTMAS! I HAVE SO MUCH TO SAY! BUt I forget it all when I get to writing. So YEA!

But so you all know IM REALLY REALLY EXCITED AND YEA! We had a wonderful christmas conference type thing over here. It was called  Capilla Abierta! Open house! We WRECKED IT! It was so fancy, I taught the APOSTASY to people when they came to my station! I LOVE TEACHING THE APOSTASY! Its so real and they start to think and ask questions. I SOLD IT TO THEM! They're all getting baptized.

AND WE SANG! I had a special part! I sang the bass in The first Noel. I don`t know if that is what it is called in English. It is La Primera Navidad in Spanish. But yea, ACED THAT! And yes.

But yea, THAT. And now I just got Skype. So that will be this sunday. Thats a thing.

OH And I have been hanging out with Elder Noble over here! We came to the MTC together and so yea we have the same day to leave, same number of days on the mish, even the same number of areas (3).... YES! HES COOL! From texas.

I LOVE EVERYTHING! I don`t know what to say other than to shriek about joyful things. But hey I`ll leave you with a testimony

President Svec. My leader. He is a very wise man. I just want to talk about how he shares his testimony.

Its short, simple, and quick. Yet it is POWERFULLY SHARP, and ZEALOUSLY DISPLAYED.

He says like 3 or 4 things. Like This church is true, we have a prophet that receives revelation for the church, Jesus Christ is the head of this church, and the book of mormon is another testament of Him.

And he says it with such VIGOR and SOLEMNITY. That it hits you like a fist. And Penetrates your soul to the core of your own testimony.

I love it. I WANT TO BE THAT WAY! And yea, Love being here. Mission! YEA!

CHRISTMAS! OH and I made more lemon bars. And buttermilk pancakes with buttermilk syrup.............. my life. :)))))))))))))

Impressions of Montecarlo:
The way people do strikes or protests here is SUPER INTERESTING! They leave the city all the way to the route where all the cars are passing by. Then they block the road for like 30 minutes. And a MASSIVE LINE forms with cars. EVEN BUSES full of people. Then they let it go, and as the cars pass by they all see why they were stopped and they have signs and things showing the problems they face. Thats how they voice their cause! SUPER INTELLIGENT!! I like it.

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