Monday, July 18, 2016

31st Week Out, Santa Rita - Paraguay Week 2, "We Now Have Bikes"


I`m in Paraguay people! You know what that means! EVERYONE IS BRAZILIAN! WHAT!? I have to learn Portuguese because everyone speaks that! Or if they are legit Paraguayans they don`t even speak Spanish! They speak Guaranì! OH MY GOSH YOU PEOPLE NEED TO LOOK UP THE GUARANÌ LANGUAGE! IT IS SO COOL!

I`m going to learn how to pray in Guaranì! OH MY GOSH!

Hey, I`m in a placed called Santa Rita, and if you didn`t already know; that`s in Paraguay. So yea. And hey! I`m with my new companion Elder Cansino! He is super fired up and wants to work really hard! We have being blowing up our area! Its like absolutely destroyed with gospel! Like every house we walk into we are able to challenge them to be baptized and they say yes. Like what the heck that does not happen.. :)

PEOPLE! I love the Gospel! What is going on right now in California? I have like 7 months now on the mission. When did that happen?

I`m in a place called Ciudad Del Este right now! AND HOLY GOODNESS! IT IS THE MOST LEGIT PLACE ON MY MISSION! It is just lleno with people, and small vending stores and Brazilians, Arabians, Chinese, Japanese! EVERYTHING HEERE IS SUPER CHEAP! LIKE I CAN BUY A SUIT FOR 45 DOLLARS WITH PANTS AND EVERYTHING!

Like legit you can buy expensive things here at 80% off... I`m talking like everything. Electronics, food, clothing, toys, shoes, shirts, socks, lots of socks...

EVERYTHING! I`m super excited to be here! We played soccer for the first time in my life. Before with President LaPierre we couldn`t play soccer! But Pres Svec came in and changed all that! It was super fun! We won twice! first to 10. I played against my own companion! And he loves soccer! SO YEA THATS RIGHT GET WRECKED ELDER CANSINO!

Friends and family I write unto thee a testimony of just one other. A man who desires to follow his Father, is a man worthy of his holy water. The fountain that never ends, the bread that cures hunger. If thou desire to be, be his seed. And WOW WHAT THE HECK I LIKE THIS! I made all of that guys.

I bear my testimony that Heavenly Father is the One Who Lives From Eternity To Eternity, and His Son is our Saviour. I am so grateful to serve under his command, and I choose to be on the right hand when he comes again.

Jacob 4 :) TREES

Impressions of Santa Rita:
WHAT THE FRICK MAN NO ONE SPEAKS SPANISH! And we have bikes! Oh my gosh I thought bikes were going to make everything easier! It just means that we work a whole lot more. But that`s ok :) I`m gonna have some nice looking legs!


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