Monday, July 11, 2016

30th Week Out, Ciudad Del Este Week 1 "I've Been Transferred - My Second Area - Heading to Paraguay"


How the HECK ARE YALL!? I AM GREAT! My list has 106 people on it! I EXPECT 106 MESSAGES IN MY INBOX NEXT MONDAY!

Haha! Just kidding. My email is for you guys, and not for me.

Brothers and Sisters, I would like to take this moment to tell you all that I WILL BE TRANSFERRED THIS WEEEEKKK! YEA BOOOYYYYY! HOLY GOODNESS OF ALL THINGS ON EARTH! DO YOU EVEN UNDERSTAND HOW EXCITED I AM! I am going to a place called Ciudad Del Este, in Paraguay! I´ll be in an area called Santa Rita! My compañero se llama Elder Castino! OH my gosh people thank you for enduring that exciting moment with me. ON TO MORE!

I have officially obtained a Japanese Book of Mormon, I don´t know how, don´t ask me. (My Branch President went to the temple and I asked him to conseguir me uno de esos.) I GOT IT! Although I have zero ganas to read that thing, I will try to learn some phrases in Japanese.

That´s that, I have found that my favorite hymn is Praise to the Man. Joseph Smith is like my favorite super hero. I can´t even tell you people. You just got to look at everything a lot bigger. When you do that everything just explodes in a good way. Then you find out that, literally you can stand next to him and all of the other prophets if you choose the right. And then you start to freak out because you want to shake his hand one day for allowing your generation to have the restored gospel.

Ok let me just say, I am so grateful to be in the time of the world that it is right now. What the heck did I just say? That doesn't sound like English, I´m just kinda typing really fast right now. We literally have everything, we also have like the most awesome technology ever that allows us to have a conference with the very prophet on the earth every six months.

Seriously just think of everything really really big like. ITS SO EXCITING! PLUS I´m a missionary so I´m like in the front of the boat right now, with the wind in my face! You young people need to get out here right now and just do it.

OK! Another thing I've learned is that you just have to do it. Like first you just have to make the decision to go and do, ask questions later. But don´t have the attitude that is like, ALRIGHT BUENO LETS JUST DO IT THEN! No me importa lo que pasa.. You have to be like YES! I WILL DO IT BECAUSE I WANT TO! And I will do it the best I can because the Lord has asked me to.

I´m like all over the place right now, really I´m just super de duper happy to be a missionary for the True church of Jesus Christ. My testimony is stronger than ever. I can´t share my testimony anymore, I must declare it to have it be valid enough to me. If that makes any sense. Like I feel the need to be everywhere declaring the words of God. AND ITS NOT OVERWHELMING! I love it! I know there will come a time in my mission where its going to hit me like a wrecking ball. BUT I feel so ready to do whatever the Lord wants me to do.

I have a testimony in the Savior and his infinite mercy. I also believe that he specifically chooses each and every one of us to do specific things. My time to serve a mission was chosen before the foundation of the world. My birth time was set from before the foundation of the earth! And I am not being any such prideful. Because everyone has been planned for. I MUST go and do the things the Lord has commanded. Someone out here needs my help. Specifically me, and I will look until the very last day of my mission to find these people!

And even after I will continue to look for the reasons why I have been sent here at this time! I have faith that God guides us in everything we do! We must ask for it, so he can give it to us! We all have a divine purpose here! LOOK FOR IT! Do it! Ask questions later.

Love you all! Thank you for reading my emails! HAVE A GREAT WEEK Y´ALL!

Impressions of Jardín América:
I have spent a little more than 1/4 of my mission in this area. If I am able to visit my mission again, sí o sí tengo que visitar este lugar otra vez!

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