Monday, July 4, 2016

29th Week Out, Jardin America Week 22, "New Mission President"

Hi everyone!

Elder Horton here again! I´m having a wonderful day! We just went and played soccer! WAIT! Ok so before.. wait.. Ok so my mission president left! We got a new one! His name is President Svec! He is from Chile! And from the quorum of the seventy!

He came in and asked that certain zones come in and meet him! I´m near the Posadas zone, like right next to it, so we got to go first! It was fun! He shared a lot about himself that I don´t remember because it was all in Spanish! But HEY! He set free some rules that we have here on the mission!

Before we couldn´t drink Maté, or play fútbol! But now we can! He said if one can drink Maté, the other can toO! And he said that fútbol is good for relieving stress! I already bought a Soccer ball! It was 200 pesos! I don´t care it was worth it! I had to be Argentinian!

Turns out I don´t like soccer... I am so bad :) But HEY I HAVE A SOCCER PELOTA! I also tried maté...

You people don´t even know. Well maybe, have you tried green tea? IT Is GREEN TEA... I was legit thinking that it was some sort of legit drink.. ok I actually had no idea. ITS GRASS AND WATER LADIES AND GENTLEMEN! I have solved the mystery of Maté.. It´s not worth it.... HAHA! I have a video of me taking it, it is so funny! I unfortunately can´t send videos because they take up too much space. I´ll find a way some how.

SO! About the mission, well mainly my area. I am about to leave the best area ever. RIGHT BEFORE IT EXPLODES I GET TO LEAVE. GREAT! Woopie! I am seriously not even kidding you right now! People just walk into the church building and we ask them if they want to get baptized, and they say yes to a fecha of the 26 of July.. Wow. His name is Oscar. :)

I hope my companion takes super advantage of my beautiful area.. I´m going to miss this place. It´s literally the middle of the mission! And that place would make the best stake ever because it is in the middle of a District in El Dorado, and the stake of Posadas. It would be the bridge maker! Oh my goodness it just makes me more happy and sad because I´m leaving this area.

Well I shouldn´t say that yet, because I don´t actually know if I´m leaving. I have like a super hint because I´ve been here my whole life the mission president is going to move me! But I would love to stay here again if I can. So we´re going to wait on that one.

Next week I should get my email of where I´m going to be next transfer.

ANYWAYS! I had a very nice week. Lots of doctrinal study. I´m lovin it! McDonalds! (there is McDonald's in Paraguay. Hope I get to got there.)

Impressions of Jardín América:
I am like freaking out about Joseph Smith right now. Do you people know who he was? Like for reals? HE IS THE MOST AWESOME PROPHET I HAVE EVER ReAD ABOUT IN MY LIFE! Go and read about him people! I am mainly impressed today about how he took zion to be a very very sacred thing! I can´t wait to preach to someone´s face about Joseph Smith again.

Thank you mom for this bag, it helps a lot.

Subway.... :)

Subway.... :)

These things are actually scary!

All of the languages I have in my mission! IN the back from left to right: Portuguese, Guaraní, Castellano

Our freezer works!

When you have to walk up and down hills... :)

Teaching English to my students ;) HOw to pray!

Made lemon bars for a zone conference! 30 ish missionaries

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