Monday, June 27, 2016

28th Week Out, Jardin America Week 21, "First Pair of Shoes Already Done"

SO let´s just start with a, I DESTROYED MY SHOES! Well it took 6 months to destroy them, but I have finally accomplished it! I have supposedly been sent a new pair of Mr. Macks (or Amazon online) and they will be here in a long time! ALL of the streets in my city are pretty much dirt and big fat rocks that have been flattened in with absolute precision. I say precision because they made it almost perfect that every step you take you hurt your back because of how unleveled it is.
That is wonderful, just wonderful. I looked up what my name means in HEBREW! And its direct translation is: Malkiel! Which is a different way to say Malki! Malki is a girls name! :)
Thank you Mom and Dad. ðŸ‘
Anyways, it also means some cool stuff! It is used to say, "my king"
I thought about that a lot, and I applied that to a theme! I put everything that the gospel is and made it into a kingly knightly fashion! And it is actually pretty legit! Because really it is going to work like that in the next world. Kings were usually people with lots of land who gave it out to their family, and people who came! The king was the king of all, but there were mini kings called Lords. The Lords were the people who were over the smaller parts of land! The king would have armies set up to protect his giant land and have the people pay him for protection!
I don´t want to try to apply all the things I said there to the Gospel, BUT! I really thought about it! It makes me wonder how much more respect I can give my father in heaven if I treat his things like they are valiant and courageous.
I picture myself as a knight before a king, knelt down to honor him. Showing him that I am loyal and I wish to serve him with all that I am. That he can count on me to do whatsoever he wills.
And I know he is a righteous king, therefore he will stand by me if I obey him.
I thought about another theme, just in general of Fathers. I was reading in the scriptures about how if one doesn't teach his children to walk in the ways of the lord, their sins are on the heads of the parents.
I took that to another perspective, I put that very saying over the greatest Father of all time. Padre Celestial! And I realized that he literally is perfect in his words. He talks to us through the scriptures in many ways. When in the middle of smashing doctrine over mothers and fathers, he demonstrates a SINCERE love that he has.
He is literally saying that, I Heavenly Father say unto you that I will teach you to walk in the ways of righteousness. And if I fail to do that, it is my fault.
And oh how he fails not, to teach us to walk in the ways of righteousness. Even to the point of cutting us down to the dust to be humbled enough.
I LOVE THE GOSPEL! I love reading. I really hope one day I can have a little chat with Heavenly Father and have him just tell me all the things he would want me to hear!
Many of those things are right in front of me, therefore I must look!
I exhort all of you people to read! Its really really fun! Just get into it, and hit the ground running!
Impressions of Jardín América:
When contacting, and the person comes out and says, why are you here? I have my religion, I have salvation already. Go and help someone else who doesn't have Jesus. -What do you say? I would like to say a lot of things! But if someone has an idea that is really really good, I´ll try it!
When They "Know"

I didn't eat this.. Chocolate and hotdog, and mayonaise... Elder Salvatierra! WHY!?

When someone paints really good! I wonder which one is me!?

I'm here if you didn't already find me...


We like mandarines. We also like to eat them in front of Catholic churches.



When you find the longest store in the whole world. You can´t see it, because its blocked by people 
(Elder Salvatierra... (:  ), but this actually goes back a very long ways!


Elder Salvatierra: "HOLA MUNDO! ESTOY LISTO!"

Abstract pants, abstract tiles, abstract box. Artist photographer. <<<What?

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