Monday, June 20, 2016

27th Week Out, Jardin America Week 20, "I've been reading Jesus the Christ"

Ha! No one is writing to me anymore. That´s ok, I´m sure you´re all busy or something. Love you guys anyways.

How am I? I´m still doing wonderful, I don´t think that will change anytime soon! I´ve been in the same area my whole mission! And I´ve only got 2 more phone calls left, so basically I´ve already completed half of my mission no? Debo escribir en español because no one reads anyways! Haha!

I´ve been very blessed out here! It´s actually kind of fun to me now meeting new people. Like at the start of my mission I DISLIKED contacting with all my heart. But now it´s like HEY! I have a freaking cool message to give you if you want it! If not, that´s ok I´ll try another day! It´s really fun now.

We had an activity in the church this last week! We set up "Maté" cups and had the children paint them! It was so successful I ran out of 15 Maté cups and had to start giving out pages of my note book to paint on! Plus we have like a professional painter here, so that makes the level go up like 5 times.

WELL! Things go really fast out here, I have a calendar and mark off like 5 days every single time. Feels fast to me, I don´t know. I´m changing a lot too! I grow a lot more hair on my face. It´s already grown out by the end of the day! So that´s that!

I´m drawing now, if anyone wanted to know! I actually love drawing! I always get really anxious when I´m studying because I want to picture the things I see better but Its hard! So I´ve been drawing and that works out super! I´m going to have an entire notebook of drawings by the end of this year.

HEY! MUSIC! I am singing a whole heck of a lot better than before! I actually feel prideful singing. IT IS SO FUN! I wish I had done it in high school. HAHA! I remember thinking about choir back in the day, and I was like NEVER IN THIS LIFE! Now I miss it extremely. We will have to see about ward choir when I get back.

I´ve been reading Jesus the Christ! I´m on like page 250 something! It is so fun to read. Do you know that? I hope all of you young people find out the mystery of reading soon in your lives! Because I wish I had. It´s actually the most soothing, calming, inspiring moments of my life. I don´t think I´ve read so much in my life while on my mission. Like they force you to read books in school but on the mission you are not obligated to do anything really. You choose to do it because you want to. I REALLY WANT TO! I only get a hour everyday to read personally... It´s not even enough for me!

It´s like watching a movie in your head. But like beyond the boundaries of seeing it, you feel it and search it. You make it.

Anyways that´s my consejo for the day! Thanks to all who read my emails! I wish you a merry day and a happy week!

Impressions of Jardín América:
The Argentines can´t sing! Hah!! Well at least where I´m at they cannot. Their language makes it so they speak with the very front of their mouth. So It´s very hard to change tones and get high notes. ITS SO FUNNY! It´s like listening to zombies in the chapel when we sing! haha! I try my best to make it sound better. :)

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