Monday, June 13, 2016

26th Week Out, Jardin America Week 19, "PARTICIPATE, LEARN AND TEACH!"

Last time with President & Sister LaPierre (There going home!)
Hello! How is everyone!? I´m doing great, as always! I had a baptism last week, I´m not sure if I told everyone? But yes that happened, was awesome! Is awesome! I´m still district leader by the way if anyone wanted to know, and 
I´ve been in the same area my whole mission:-)

I don´t have much of a week to share with you all of spectacularness as in physical work. BUT SPIRITUAL! every day is like a mountain that I climb and then climb another the next day. I´ve been pushed and pushed towards a similar subject every time I study or have a spiritual thought. And what it is, is what President Monson said.

Choose the Hard, and not the easy. Everything that I've been studying and getting impressions from leads me to that. So I´m not just saying like LET'S NOT BE ILDE HERE PEOPLE! I´m saying like in every single thing that you do in your life improve it. Choose something higher. Like not just go to church but to PARTICIPATE AND LEARN AND TEACH! To give service not just to give service, but to be absolutely famished of not having the opportunity to serve your fellow men! To have a calling in the church not just because that´s a thing that we do, but to give everything that you have into that calling, by lifting up your counselors or helping your leaders fulfill their purpose and not just yours.

The church is moving closer and closer to the point of which Zion must be established. Zion can only be established when each one of us personally "Magnifies their calling" as they say.

WOW! I sound like a gospel doctrine person or stuff. BUT I DON´T JUST SAY THIS! I feel it when I say this to you! Magnify your calling doesn't just mean magnify, it means search the scriptures and look for the help of God to do whatever you can to improve.

I can promise you that no matter how good you are at fulfilling your calling, no matter what calling it is. You´re never going to reach your best.

Now, don´t get me wrong when I say this. Take this saying for example, "It´s alright, you gave your best"

Anyone can give their best! That has been preached by men who don´t even believe in God! We have such a higher exalted level of best that we can give.

You wanna know what, God thinks we can do better. That´s why no matter what we do, even like Job who gave his best in all that he had with his faith in God. God continued to press upon him.

Like the Brother of Jared, when he already had God-like faith. Jesus of course blessed them, but they still had more to do, they were to journey to a promised land. Till the point came to not even directing him in what to do, because yes or yes the Brother of Jared was going to follow him. Jesus asked the Brother of Jared to come up with a way to continue on their journey to the Promised land by selecting a solution to light their way.

Of course God already knew what could be done in an infinite number of ways. He asked his servant the Brother of Jared to find the way. Because HE wants US to improve!

 So even when we think we´ve done it, GOD IS GOING TO ASK FOR MORE!

(And you wanna know what? The Brother of Jared, saw Jesus Christ because of his "magnifying" he may not have had a calling or did, I don´t know, but he understood the principle of the thing)

Jesus Christ is the infinite example of what I´m trying to get at. HE HAD SO MANY OPPORTUNITIES TO CHOOSE THE EASIER ROAD! I can´t name each one, but when I read them it only confirms it further for me. But each time, he chose the harder, because he followed the Father perfectly.

He is the only one who "gave his best"

So NEVER EVER think that you just have to give your "best"! That´s terrestrial kingdom stuff! You are so much bigger and better than that. You are a son/daughter of a God who from eternity to eternity! Who creates and continues to create all things.

We cannot comprehend anything of him. Only through his holy spirit may we taste of that SWEET SWEET goodness of knowledge and happiness that he sheds upon all that will come unto his son.

Never think that it just ends with "It´s ok, you gave your best"

"Many are called, but few are chosen."

I´m grateful to have been called to serve the Master of all things. I hope and pray every day that I may improve myself to be acceptable in the sight of God.

WOW! I can´t believe I just wrote that. Sorry If you feel like I´m dropping cane on you. I´m really not, I don´t understand like anything of what it´s like to try and lead a family and have work and all the many things that come from being an adult! And even much much more that comes from deaths of family members and sicknesses and thousands of other things. I´m 110% sure that everyone is trying to improve. 

So KEEP DOING IT is what I was trying to say I guess. :)

I testify of these things in the name of Jesus Christ, amen.

God is incredible. I love him so much!

Impressions of Jardín América:

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