Monday, May 30, 2016

24th Week Out, Jardin America Week 17, "I Love the Scriptures"

Hello my subjects.

I am EXTREMELY HAPPY RIGHT NOW! Someone just texted me and said they want to be baptized. And so yea, what more do I need to say.

YES! HEY! I´m still doing wonderfully wonderful on the mission! HOW THE HECK IS THE WARD RIGHT NOW!? Where is everyone going!? I hear that y´all are leaving! Goodness gracious, on missions! WAY TO GO! I´m excited for everyone!

Hey howdy hey. SO! I´m actually going to be staying in Jardín América this next transfer! I´m going to be with an elder named Elder Salvatierra. (Elder Saves Earth)


My goodness, what should I share this week? I´ve been talking to an Athiest this week. We like whipped out some major gospel on him. He is going to pray to God and God is going to say HELLO! And then his life will be back in order. That´s exactly what is going to happen too. Just like that.

I´m eating horribly still. Like cookies and alfajores, chips, and hot dogs. Eggs. Stuff. I love food. I need to fix that. I´m trying! I can cook some stuff now, like meat and noodles with some seasonings. I´ve now probably completed like 490 2x2in lemon bars by now. And eaten probably 78% of all of those. Just so you all know, when I get diabetes, or a heart attack, that is why... :)
(sorry mom, I´ll fix my eating habit. No worries)

We have found a family with like 16 people in it. Like holy goodness that´s like the size of my entire branch. I want to convert all of them. ALSO! My Branch President got up on Sunday and bore testimony over missionary work, he was really touched that we found that house of 16 people. It is actually right next to his house, that family. He had been praying that his neighborhood would receive some help. And we are here! It´s happening! So he felt really good about that.

The funny thing is, the only reason I wanted to contact that house was because it is SUPER BIG! And I love rich people and drinking their rich people water. :) ( I think I should have a different mindset when looking for people to share the gospel with, what do you  think?)HA!

I´m reading like all over the place right now! I want to read the Book of Mormon again so I will probably get on that! OH MY GOSH I HAVE A LEGIT BOOK OF MORMON RIGHT NOW! That lady that we baptized (Cristina) she paints! I had her paint on my English Book of Mormon! And She painted the tree of life on front, and the prophet Moroni placing the gold plates in the earth on the back of my book! OH ITS SO GOOD! I have to show you all.

Anyways, I LOVE BEING A MISSIONARY!? DO YOU UNDERSTAND MY ENGLISH WHEN I SAY THAT!? I take so much pleasure in what I do, not like a prideful thing, but like WOW! I get to  do this everyday!

SO! I´ve been thinking about my life. All I have ever wanted is to be a good person. When I talk in front of people I want them to know that I love God, and I´m not prideful and I just want to do what I´m suppose to do. Like I don´t want anything to be about me, I never liked having big birthday parties or stuff like that with lots of people. I don´t like being the center of attention! Haha! 

But hey,

Let me just share a thing; always remember that you are almost absolutely nothing compared to God.
And yet he wants you to be everything that he is.

So if you want to be great, and a good person in the world. You can do it. God already knows you can.

He gave his only begotten son so that you can do it. He wants youSO BE YOU, and do what he says! He´s going to make everything better! I know it!

Old things must pass away so that new things can be brought to pass.

The immortality and eternal life of man.


Impressions of Jardín América:  When in doubt... tell the truth :)

when you shake peoples hands in Argentina

Something is growing here... :)

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