Monday, May 9, 2016

21st Week Out, Jardin America Week 15, "Training a new mini missionary Elder Irala"

HEY! How the heck are y´all!?

WHAT´S UP! So basically I get this new mini missionary Elder Irala! he´s pretty sick! I think I already told you all about him? He´s super de duper small, which makes me look like I´m 2 feet bigger than I actually am. But Hey! That´s all awesome!

We got an oven. I haven´t been able to use it yet because we need to buy gas and a little connection thing to the gas tank. I´m Extremely EXCITED FOR THAT THOUGH! I´m basically going to go lemon bar loco in a little bit here. Like you all will be jealous of my ability to create lemon bars when I get back from the mish.

So! Tomorrow is President LaPierre´s birthday, and his last consejo! Basically I got called as District Leader like BAM and now I get the privilege to go to a massive meeting now with all of the Zone Leaders and District Leaders tomorrow, on President´s birthday!

Right now I´m just blasting through the mission! I´ve got someone that will be getting baptized the 14th of this month! Her name is Cristina! And she wants to be baptized in a river! Hopefully I don´t get Dengue (dengay) through that! Apparently there's a disease going around like that. Being spread by mosquitos! LEGITNESS!

I´ve been reflecting a lot on the Lord, and reading in Jesus The Christ. I absolutely love that book by the way! It´s hard to read at first, but when you get the hang of it, you just start reaping the fruits thereof! The more I read the more privileged I feel to be serving a mission. Like I literally am doing exactly what the Lord wants me to do right now. And he´s the one doing everthing too!

Lot´s of people may think that we missionaries have to study real hard to get in as much as we can so we can be prepared to teach someone THE GOSPEL OF JESUS CHRIST! But no! It´s so freaking easy I tell you! Ok, don´t take me wrong, it´s flippen hard, but like HEY! You just have to love the Lord, love the person you are teaching, and I guarantee you everything will turn out fine!
(I´m giving like free advice here future missionaries!)

HEY! I miss everyone. So when you say hi, it´s like really great! RECIPES TOO! Looking forward to making the good life.

Thank you everyone for all that you are and will be and do right now and will do!

Impressions of Jardín América:
WELL! We actually have a cold winter here! I was not prepared, so I´ve been blasting the Air conditioning all night long so I can keep warm! I don´t know the exactness of how cold it gets but I know that it hurts at night when there is no power, SO YEA!

:) love!

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