Monday, May 23, 2016

23rd Week Out, Jardin America Week 17, "I Love the Scriptures"

:) OH hey. How are y´all?

¡Hoy me gustaría usar un poco Castellano con ustedes! Entonces, esta semana pasada tuvé un bautismo con una hermana se llama Cristina. ¡Hizo mucho frío el agua de la pileta! Ella quería ser bautizada en un río, pero llovió y tuvimos que regresar a la capilla...

Hello! I´m about to complete my 4th transfer in the mission! And my mission president is about to leave too! It´s really crazy, we´re going to have someone from the quorum of the Seventy be our new mission president! I don´t know what he looks like... I think I heard he is from Chile though.

I´m cruisin´ in the mish´ now. I've been learning some very profound things in the scriptures. If there is anything that I've learned it is that the Spirit is basically everything when you want to gain some more understanding or knowledge. Because we have our own spirits and we can comprehend the understanding of men. But only the spirit of God can comprehend the understandings of God!

SO I've been focusing in on the Spirit everyday! Because not only is it helping me study, it´s helping me teach.

I can say that I´m not actually doing anything. I don´t want to do anything really. I want it all to be from the spirit! If I am actually doing anything other than the walking, I´m actually getting in the way of the work of the Lord.

I LOVE THE SCRIPTURES! I want to be like Joseph F. Smith! I just want to dive in and get swept away by the words! It´s literally super fun!

An idea for reading I might suggest, is to make a question, then to open the scriptures to a random page and begin reading the first chapter that is on that page. DO NOT READ THE CHAPTER HEADING! The chapter heading is only going to give you the idea of what it literally is talking about and some spiritual things, but HEY! DON´T READ THE HEADING! You have to think about what it is saying by yourself. That is where real revelation comes in. Of course that doesn't mean you should disregard what the scriptures are actually trying to say and go way off track and then start your own church, and take that path!

It´s nice! I love reading! I highly recommend you all to read.

I´ve been really blessed as a person. One of the many obvious things of the mission, you learn how blessed you are. Not even just how the people live here, and what they do to survive. Just the fact of having the restored gospel in your hands. I´m super grateful for where I am at. For the doors that have opened for me and are opening! I´m really REALLY excited for the future part of my life. I know it´s going to be hard, but I have more than enough faith in the Lord to not say that I´m excited. I hope everyone is loving everyday! I am! Thank you all for reading my emails! ¡Téngan un buen día!

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A NEW WORD!: Chabon - which means - Guy, or dude. :)

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