Monday, May 16, 2016

22nd Week Out, Jardin America Week 16, "I got to talk with my family this week, that was SO GREAT!"

Hey. :)

I had a wonderful week this week! I got to talk with my family, that was SO GREAT! I´m actually super excited for my next one that is super far away. BUT HEY! It´s like this year still. So I have about 4 months now on the mission? I have no idea. I´ve been learning a lot this week from my personal study! Right now I´m studying the Oath and Covenant of the priesthood.

The time is starting to get into a routine for me now! I DON´T WANT THAT! HAHA! It´s basically the fact that I know what I´m suppose to do now, I´m just doing it for the rest of my two years! Not saying its boring, but its a long time! Ha! Don´t get me wrong, I love what I do.

SO! I made lemon bars this week. I actually made a ton more today! THEY TURNED OUT PERFECT! I´m literally going to make some for all of my investigators, every district meeting, zone conference! Whatever it is! I´m going to be called Elder Lemon Bars in a few months! Its going to be like; OH MY GOSH ELDER HORTON IS HERE!? What did he make this time!? HA!

I haven´t got much more to say about my week, everything is kind of the same. I can tell you guys the same thing every week, but no. :)

Well! Yo puedo escribir en español tambien o algo así si quieren. Pero, me gusta hablar en íngles cuando estoy con ustedes. ¡Mí testimonio crece cada semana! No puedo explicar en qualquier idioma las cosas que vienen a mi mente. Ni puedo comprender la mayoría del tiempo... ¡Jaja!

I love being a missionary! I just want to share the gospel with everyone! 

I don´t have a lot of time left, but I have a testimony that I´d like to share before y´all finish my little carta here! I know that the Savior lives! He is up with Heavenly Father right now looking down to us. We are in the last dispensation and at the very doors of the Second Coming. The work is moving along, and I have the privilege of seeing it with my own eyes! I can´t wait for what happens to me in my future because I know that whatever I do, I will do it with the Savior. I know in every part of me that I can feel, that you can do anything with the Savior! And I don´t just say that because that´s just what everyone says in the church. I Elder Horton testify to anyone reading this email, that Jesus is the Christ. He is called Wonderful, Counselor, The Mighty God, The Prince of Peace for a reason you know. :)

And he´s coming to finish the great and marvelous work.

I love you guys! Miss everyone! Thanks for reading my emails! I´ll try to get better at writing.. sorry! Haha!

Impressions of Jardín América:
Well, not so much an impression of my city, but like, you want to know what gives me a lot of animo while I´m working out here? When there is nothing American around you and you feel alone in a world of non Americans! THERES A BIG FAT AMERICAN FLAG WAVING DOWN THE NATIONS ON the moon every single night. So Yea! :)

ZONE LEADER CHRISTENSEN!(there is a difference in their names 


I´m learning VOS!

The Barrios family! Members!

We walked into a house we contacted and they played awesome instruments!

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