Monday, February 22, 2016

10th Week Out, Jardin America Week 4 "Learning the missionary schedule in Jardin America"

Hey vosotros! (You)

So nothing really exciting this past week. However this next week I`ll be traveling back and forth to Posadas and other places because my companion has to do a training session because he is now a District Leader. I have to go somewhere else on divisions because of that. Woo Hoo! 

Also, I`m going to have the opportunity to listen to Elder Bednar this Miercoles! (Wednesday)
Honestly I`m stoked. I have been reading some of his past talks. 

I`m trying to think of something funny that happened to me haha! There's so many small things but not really anything super chistoso. (funny)

But really I have been having the time of my life out here. Not because its fun, but because of the learning I have received every single second of everyday. I can bear my testimony to you all but I`m sure you all know how great it is to be a member of this church.

If there is anything I could challenge you guys to do, it would be to read the Book of Mormon. And not just read it, read it every day, read it even after you finish it. Read it when you have already read it twice! And then continue to read even after you finish a session of reading. Even the Doctrine and Covenants and the The Pearl of Great Price!
I CANNOT DESCRIBE IT TO YOU THROUGH WORDS, mainly because it is already written down for you, and you just have to read it.

So many people are confused and don`t know why they feel sad or angry sometimes or why their life is so hard.

This is how bad the mud is here (elder Evans)
I`m going to make a promise to each and everyone of you that reads my email, and I have the authority given to me to make this promise: "If you read in the Book of Mormon every single day. And really seek to have the spirit with you while you read it. Le prometo que las respuestas usted està buscando, van a estar en las paginas de las escrituras." (I promise you the answers you are looking for, they will be in the pages of Scripture.)

When I asked Heavenly Father if the Book of Mormon was true, I didn't receive an answer until I opened the scriptures, I got the answer... it came from D&C 62 (especially verse 3)


Elder Horton
The moon is already out!
The big tree again, sick angle!

Posadas, looking out towards Paraguay

They have Virgin Mary´s in every part of my mission
Marriage of my first Baptism family! The Gonzalez family! Migel and Vannesa got married.

Elder Evans got Peanut Butter From his parents! His face again! Haha! 
Me and Elder Evans ate a whole bucket of ice cream!
I have no Idea what these things were but I took a cool picture with them!
Outside the Zone Leader´s pension in Garupa!
Bus Station in Garupa
Píco Dulce! A sucker I received from one of our investigators!
The moon was so bright
Paraguay! From Posadas view!
Posing Again!
Super pancho!
scenery of Jardin
I´m holding about 200 dollars in pesos!! For our rent!
Me...counting the rent money

Paintings in Jardin

Study the Scriptures...Coolness
Playing around with my camera effects outside of the pension of the Zone Leaders in Garupa!
Flowers of Jardin
Sunset in Jardin

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