Monday, February 15, 2016

9th Week Out, Jardin America Week 3 "Visiting the Jesuit Ruins...San Ignacio Mini"

HOLA todos!

What the heck...the rain here doesn't stop. NUMERO SIETE!  I do have pictures! Hopefully you guys get to see them! I didn't get to send a lot but HEY! It`s something! I can`t wait for you guys to see the stuff here in Argentina! It`s crazy.

Until then! I have had a pretty straight forward week. I`m slowly learning the language. I really have so many things I want to say to people but It hurts me on the inside because >I DON`T KNOW HOW TO SAY IT! So I just kinda sit there and let my companion lead the whole thing and he let`s me talk sometimes.

HA! But yea, I will say I want to say, I WILL! Or so help me I will say it in English and have my companion translate it for me. I can actually speak pretty decently though, so we will see what happens later on.

One of our investigator families has 5 people. And 4 of them are getting baptized this next Saturday! One of them named Thomas has 12 fingers and 12 toes. It`s legit, like they are pretty much fully formed just not that functional. He`s capo.

Oh, and the baptizing rate here is like really really low. Not like my Brother who like get`s a baptism like every week! It`s ok though, our zone goal is 10. Me and my companion are about to fulfill almost half of our entire zone`s goal. So yea, legitness.

So! Contacting is really hard, you literally go house to house and find people to teach. I didn't think it was that bad until we met someone who was super like legit Catholic. He didn't know we were Mormons at first but as soon as he found out... well let`s just say some PG13 stuff went down right then and there. And he wanted nothing to do with us. 

So that was scary. But HEY! We found a super nice lady who let us in after that and we set up another appointment with her! Her name is Cristina.


We went to visit an investigator that actually hid from us the previous time we tried to talk to her. She told us that she didn't have time for us last time but, (why hide? Are we scary?) So we had the lesson with her and then all of the sudden in the middle of the lesson. THE LADY STARTS BREAST FEEDING HER CHILD! No cover, no nothing. Just BOOM! And Yea.   "Awkward."

BUT NOT ONLY THAT! We finished the lesson and then as I walked out her gate, A SPIDER WEB COVERED MY HAIR LIKE A HAIR NET.

If anyone of you really know who I am, I hate bugs... Can you see where this is going?

I kept my cool for like 30 seconds, trying to get away from the public as much as I could and from that lady`s house. BUT! I couldn't handle it anymore... I hand my stuff over to my companion and he`s like what are you doing?

I get down and START FLIPPING OUT! Rubbed my head into the grass! And after that I get up and look behind my companion! And the investigator was looking right... at.. me.. the whole time................
Ahhh...yea spiders are big here!!

AHAH! Yea.
My life.

THANK YOU EVERYONE! Looking forward to this week! Miss all of you, say hi to me! bye!

Impressions of Jardìn Amèrica: 
  • All of the children we pass by ask us to come and talk with their family. Oh my goodness! Like these kids are literally playing with angels or something all day.

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