Monday, February 8, 2016

8th Week Out, Jardin America Week 2, HELLO PEOPLE OF NORTH AMERICA!

Where do I start? So basically I live in a two room apartment. The landlord´s dog wants to eat me. There is no such thing as "Pressurized water" here. Like everything is using gravity to run through everything. There is also no heating devices as well. We do have an air conditioning unit. THANK THE MAN UPSTAIRS FOR THAT!

It´s like humid and hot every second of the day. EVEN WHEN IT RAINS. And let me tell you, when it rains its not like a " Oh yea we´re going to just pour a little on Argentina today." 


Honesty.. It´s like, just chill out sky! Tranquilo! (chill out) 

SO! I need to clarify something to everyone, I actually don´t speak Español out here. I am speaking 
CASTELLANO! It´s just like Spanish, only they have a bunch of words here that don´t exist in the Spanish language or they just don´t exist period. And everything that I was taught in the MTC was like thrown out the door. I´m exagerating but still... come on..

Everything here seems really expensive because of the inflation in Argentina, but really their money is like really just not good. 1$ in American money should be about 13 pesos here. I have been having almuerzo (lunch) with a lot of members. Nothing weird yet. It´s been different types of pasta really, and meat.

My companion is Elder Evans, he has about 6 months into his mission, he is 18 and his family lives in Arizona. He wants to be a heart surgeon ultimately. <WOAH! 

The dirt here is red. Maybe you´ll all see it in pictures that I send! I don´t know if I´ll attach them to this email, or send them to my Dad. I can only send 1 picture in an email at a time. So JUST LOOK ok! I´m so excited for you guys to see my fotos! (photos)

I HOPE YOU ALL GET TO SEE MY PICTURES THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR READING MY EMAILS! I may have skipped some cool things to share, I don´t remember everything. SO many things happened to me. I´ll try to talk about them If I remember. I´ll bring my journal next time. 

Love you all!  Thanks for being cool!

Elder Evans showing Elder Horton his 
pension in Jardín América! (First Area)
Their Bathroom - all the comforts of home!

This is the shower head... There is no hot water..
It uses electricity to give the water heat...
Super Dangerous! Ha! and the water is like
SCALDING hot so I can´t even use the electric part.
The Study Area and Kitchen
(Gotta love that clothes line too!)

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