Monday, March 28, 2016

15th Week Out, Jardin America Week 9, "Completed a read of the Doctrine and Covenants."

Hi everyone,

So.. I heard about Arnie Peterson. I hope everything is alright with the Peterson family. If someone could tell Andrew Peterson to write to me I`d love to talk to him.. Poor guy..

But, about my week...

I finished the Doctrine and Covenants today. That was a lot. Like in every way possible. I LOVED IT!  I love reading! I can`t tell you guys enough, I wish the Book of Mormon was longer. Or the Doctrine and Covenants. I`m going to move over to the Bible after the Pearl of Great Price.  If anyone has any good books, feel free to hand it over to my parents and they`ll send it to me and I`ll read all of it.

Super great week, we had another baptism. Her name is Elizabeth, she is 17 her Dad died about 7 months ago, and her mom basically left the house and randomly comes back. But I guess everything is fine now because she goes to visit her mom. Elizabeth reads in EVERY SINGLE DOCTRINAL BOOK WE HAVE in the church. She loves the deep deep doctrine. Which kinda freaked me out at first because first of all I don`t have any answers for what she wanted, my companion had to help with that. And she also could have gotten into something she thought was weird and could have stopped having us teach her.

BUT she got baptized and now she wants to be a missionary! So we are talking to her about missionary work and the Temple. She is going to come to our District meeting tomorrow. The funny thing is that we have the smallest District in all of my mission. It`s just me and my companion and two other sister missionaries. I think she will love it though!
Anyways! How is everyone!? I`ve passed my "100th day" int he mission mark. If anyone wanted to celebrate for me! Haha! That's a bit over 8 million seconds.  I am doing awesome, still just getting the language down and stuff. Missionarying and all that greatness.

OH ok so actually today we just found that someone or some people had thrown 2 stones into our church building and broke a window. So we called the president of the branch we have out here and he called the police. So they`re all working on that!

Thank you...everyone that reads my emails!

Impressions of Jardìn Amèrica:
  • Out here they LOVE the LED lights. They put them on all of the trucks and motorcycles. Every car I see just about has the entire thing lit up by some LED`s. It`s pretty cool. Mostly green and blue I`ve seen.

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