Monday, October 30, 2017

95th Week Out, Week 15 Garupa "2 More Emails"

I'm already giving things away! I'm down to like 5 ties! My temple recommend expires tommorrow? I got like 18 days left! Apparently I can only take one bag home! How am I suppose to fit all of my toys in there!?

There will be a pretty sweet meeting before I go home --- A member of the presidency of the 1st quorum of the seventy will be coming to visit our mission!
I believe his name is Elder Christiansen? He will be accompanied by Elder Bragg; the counselor to the president of our area in South America. This will be on the 10th of November; a week before I'm on a plane to Georgia.

It's going to come with a few complications though. This mission has 2 countries, which means 2 visas, 2 sets of legal documents, etc... Our mission has difficulty driving this way.. The fast option for missionaries to get in and working already is to just send them out with a 90-Day Tourist Visa. Then the office works on achieving your legal documents withing that time period.

Long-story-short there are about 35-ish missionaries that will not be able to cross over to Argentina to participate in this almost once in a life time experience. Otherwise they will have to pay a fine for being illegal. The mission can't afford to pay simultaneously these fines as the price adds up to more than $2,000 dollars..

SO, President Svec has a problem. The Elders who are coming to visit are on a massive trip to many missions so they can't stop and go to Paraguay also. He may need to broadcast the meeting to Paraguay or find some other solution. He has communicated the situation to Elder Bragg and Elder Christiansen. As of now they have planned to fast next Sunday (the 5th of November.) Infact the whole mission has been invited to fast so that a door might be openned.

Luckily I am in Argentina, so I will be participating on the 10th of November!

Aboiut my area, we continue to look for those prepared persons who hear the voice of the Lord. We found a lady named Susana! She has a daughter who recently got baptized in the church in Buenos Aires. She then moved out here recently, like not even a week ago, to live with her mom. We just happened to show up. Susana received a baptismal date and we left! The neat part is that her daughter wasn't even there! So she probably freaked out when her mom told her that she has already been visited by the missionaries and is going to get baptized!!

Here's a cool study:
1. How can I be gentle?
- Write the different synonyms to being gentle that you can think of
2. In what ways is Heavenly Father gentle with His children?
-Write as many as you can think of
>Love is His first commandment
>He teaches precept upon precept
>He works by small and simple things
>He desires that we call Him Father
>He wants daily verbal communication from us
>He sent His son so you wouldn't have to suffer
>He is patient
>He cringes not at our ignorance/lack of understanding
>He lashes not out in wrath as we sin continuously before Him
3. Take all of those things from #2 and try to apply that gentleness in your own life!

Cool beans.

Impressions of Garupa:
-I made freaking strawberry flavored pancakes today, and strawberry syrup!

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