Monday, October 16, 2017

89th - 93rd Week Out, Week 13 Garupa "Last Transfer, will stay in Garupa"

So yea! Wonderful week! I'm loving my companion! I've been here with Elder Houston from Houston Texas! Seems he will be my last companion as today is the first day of my LAST TRANSFER! WOW!

We moved to a new apartment and we have nothing. We have to buy all new things! ITS SO EXCITING TO BUY NEW STUFF ON THE MISSION! After living on the floor and in my bags, ironically I did have a wonderful week!

We don't have very many investigators... At least the number that I would like to have. It's challenging to find people that really are excited about your message and don't doubt everything that you say.

I LOVE being a missionary.. It's such a delight and a pleasure to me! It's so full of THINGS! *In all of your gettings out here you get understanding*! It's neat to feel worthy everyday, to not feel anything holding you back! To understand the power and solemnity of your calling even down to the very area you serve in.

I'm grateful God allowed me to come here. It's humbling to think that I was chosen to do this. I know the Lord has invested a lot in me, and I will magnify my calling.

Have a great week everyone!

Impressions of Garupa:
-There is a church here that apparently got closed down because they had been selling illegal drugs on the roof...  :) 

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