Monday, October 23, 2017

94th Week Out, Week 14 Garupa "3 Letters left..!"

I only have 3 letters left after this one..! THIS 4th last week of my mission my companion and I have decided to contact 1000 people in 1 week!! Brennen had challenged me to set a crazy goal before I go home so here goes nothing! (It may be a norm for some missions to get 1000+ a week but in my mission there is a different population and culture.)

We heard some guy say something cool this week:

You want to know why I believe in God?... Everytime someone here tries to make light, it goes out... UNLESS they feed it and keep it going... It will go out... Who makes that light run up there? (the sun) That light never goes out.

It's interesting how questions can cut your way through the jungles of knowledge. For every solid question there is a solid answer. For every answer is an opportunity to make another solid question based off that answer, and so forth. I think I admire a lot what intelligence is and how God has structured our thinking ball-field. If your brain painted a picture, what would it look like? If you had the ability to think up a color that doesn't exist, what would it look like? (you probably couldn't answer that..!)

On top of all of this is that fact that we are all individuals. We are all "different." How does God make so many different faces? Different finger prints? How are there so many views and perspectives of things?

Questions and answers, decisions and choices, the ability to compare/judge, agency --- is what makes you alive --- participate in life --- join the symphony that God has composed. I look at it all like the stars in the sky! It's so FUN to be an OBSERVER! Watching GOd paint the sky everyday. Having the sensation of discover constantly. Sometimes I feel like the gate keeper from the Azguardian realm with the all seeing eyes.

So I guess --- keep your eyes open --- don't be blinded --- you can't afford to waste anytime! --- Because soon there won't be time ever again --- Do things! --- Be alive! --- Understand the value of what you are --- Take advantage of Life.

Impressions of Garupa:
-There are people who have served missions in the church here, and just leave the church.... And we find them in the street while contacting.......... I dislike that... They need to still be at church...

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