Monday, September 18, 2017

88th Week Out, Week 8 Garupa "S.hort writes short emails...not"

I really try to think about what I write! That's a main reason why I don't write a lot :) haha! I'm still in Garupa. I probably wont be leaving untill I end the mish. Our mission president has put the big goal of getting 1 baptism EVERY WEEKEND! So that's the memo of here.

I'm not really struggling with anything. I've been just noticing a lot. Reflecting on the fact that I learn a lot of things all the time. I write them down, I re-read them often. It's really neat. I am 20 years old.. I don't know if I'm an "adult" I guess I don't know the definition. I don't feel like a teenager though. I give more attention to everything.

I'm so ready to take on the world! I bet it's going to hit hard! But regardless I'm excited!

One thing I get brought back to a lot is who I was before the mission. Oh how great the difference. I was an object. Long story.

You know what, I thought of a great question one time: How can everyday be like Christmas? I remember EVERY SINGLE CHRISTMAS being so profoundly set at awe and beyond my ability to recieve all of the JOYOUS feelings overflowing my SOUL when I woke up, each and every Christmas day. The night before I'm CRINGING with excitement! Even as I became more mature, I couldn't change the way I felt about Christmas! Although most of the excitement came from the fact that there were presents waiting for me, I do think there is such a feeling as this that is spiritual, and not just temporal.

How can you come close to this feeling not just because of adrenaline and temporary pleasure of material things? How can you wake up everyday maybe with just the solid, optimistic attitude to take on whatever the day has to offer, and with a strong desire to discover what you will behold?

There's probably a lot of answers to that, and a lot of obstacles too. But as the scripture says that "men are that they might have joy." Realistically it is going to have to do with things that aren't temporary maybe not even material, but that doesn't mean we have to exclude them from our search for happiness. For example, going to the beach with the fam. You are, in a technical sense spending temporary time and temporal money to get there at the beach with your family. But you also know that you are gaining an awesome experience and memory that will be carried beyond time.

Life is a balance of both your treasures on earth, and your treasures in Heaven. But you also cannot serve two masters. I'm not saying focus on saving your treasures on the earth, but to taking advantage of them, and using them while they are available in a prudent way. While also doing all possible to take advantage of eternal treasures that never will perish.

But yea. I don't know. I would just love to wake up everyday like it were Christmas! Haha!

Pictures some other time! CIAO!

Impressions of Garupa:
-Well, maybe this impression isn't from Garupa, but I noticed that a little Coca-Cola bottle over in Paraguay is 20 cents..... And here it's about 1 dollar and 20 cents.... :) ha!