Monday, June 19, 2017

75th Week Out, Week 11 Puerto Iguazu "Training once again!"

Hey, I'm alive! Yea man! Training once again! Elder Santos, Recife Brazil, 19 years old, 6 days on the mission. I love my new companion! He's super funny and ready to work! Very neat to watch him testify. He knows how to teach with the spirit. Reminds me of my first days.

But yea man. I'm not in auto-pilot, and I am taking a view of my huge strides that I haven't noticed before. I really like to study the scriptures. I have a Spanish seminary book for the Book of Mormon. Absolutely delicious indeed. I think I've opened to the middle of the book a few times just to look at cool stuff! I've received a lot of impressions about the DOCTRINE OF CHRIST. It's really simple for those who have not yet been baptized and they seek to find the doctrine. And something spectacularly greater for those who are baptized by the authority of God and want to follow and understand the doctrine.

I actually didn't like to read the parts of the Book of Mormon where there were battles and stuff that only talked about that. I loved to read only the sermons and messages filled with information about the eternities and the path way too it. But I actually wasn't paying enough attention. For example in 3 Nefi 4 its FREAKIN SICK! They wreck the crap out of the Gaddianton Robbers. And then they praise God! The verses that hit me the most were these.

And it came to pass that the armies of the Nephites, when they saw the appearance of the army of Giddianhi, had all fallen to the earth, and did liftheir cries to the Lord theiGod, that he would spare them and deliver them out of the hands of their enemies.
And it came to pass that whethe armies of Giddianhi saw this they began to shout with loud voice, because of their joy, for they had supposed that the Nephites had fallen witfear because of the terror otheir armies.
10 But in this thing they were disappointed, for the Nephitedid not fear thembut they did fear their God and did supplicate him for protectiontherefore, when the armies of Giddianhi did rush upon them thewere prepared to meet them; yea, in the strength of the Lord they did receive them.
YEA MAN! So that. And I have also been having a lot of success here in Iguazu. Not really baptism wise but in many other ways. I may have a family baptized here though in a few weeks.  I'll share her story some other day for I am out of time.

Love Elder Horton!

Impressions from Puerto Iguazu:
- I think I've mastered a pancake mix, and a buttermilk syrup. #Iamlearned

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