Monday, June 5, 2017

73rd Week Out, Week 9 Puerto Iguazu " I'm only 19! Well..That's good enough!"

Hi! I'd just like to share a thought I've had in my personal study.

I have found it necessary to write down my personal revelations. I had an impression that it shows respect to He who gives it. Even down to the very neatness of what you write down shows respect and opens the door to receive more. You may even notice that the revelation turns out more developed than you thought after writing it down. I started to take advantage of this because I now carry a little book around with me as much as I can. Whenever I have a moment I write down what someone said to me, or what impression I received. My experience with that has shown me that our Heavenly Father is ready at all times to give. If you want to receive, you just have to be ready to receive and IT WILL COME. I know with all my heart that the church I represent is the only true church that is on the earth. And God is ANXIOUSLY waiting for his children to come into his Holy Houses and be His pupils. I miss the temple... Ha!

I had a fantastic week! Que tengan ustedes una semana mejor!!

Impressions of Port Iguazu:
-I love to eat cream cheese and dulce de leche with a sesame seed cracker....!

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