Monday, June 12, 2017

74th Week Out, Week 10 Puerto Iguazu " I love to be a Missionary!"

My last day with Elder Hawkins!

I will be training ONCE AGAIN. I believe I will have a Brazilian companion. (going to speak some real portuguese!) (help me Brennen!) But yea! I am coming around the 18 month mark now! All of the sisters in my MTC district are finishing their missions this transfer! Well the transfer ended yesterday, so they are pretty much done this week. ITS SO CRAZY! I LOVE IT!

But yea, a thought for now:
If you had faith that........... you would.............!

-If you had faith that the Word of Wisdom really did give blessings of longer life and protection and positive living you would probably follow that commandment a little better!

-If you had faith that we actually have a prophet of God on the earth right now you would listen to his words more intently and take them more preciously!

-If you had faith that the Book of Mormon really is written by other prophets of God you would do the same as you would for the point above this one!

-If you had faith that your Patriarchal Blessing literally contains the words of the Lord to you, you probably would use it every single day, and study it thoroughly, a lot!


(-if you HAVE faith that......... you WILL..............!)

Impressions of Puerto Iguazu:
I've learned that a lot of the languages down here are controlled by your nose. If you can master the nose sounds, you can master any language over here.

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