Monday, July 3, 2017

76-77th Week Out, Week 12-13 Puerto Iguazu "If you want to view paradise, take a look around and view it."


I am doing great! I love the mission! Still here in Iguazu! I can't wait for my next area because it shall be my last as I have 3 transfers left. I'm pretty sure I'll either stay here and finish training Elder Santos or I will recieve another Greenie.

I would just like to bare a testimony: 

I love this church.
I know it's the true church. 
It's so real to me. 
I am so grateful for my membership to it. 
I want to serve in it the rest of my life. 
And I love Jesus Christ. 
I love repentance. 
I love life, because it gives me knowledge, it gives me second chances. 
God is a Holy, Righteous man who desires only that we are happy, and safe, and with Him. 
I marvel every single day at the mercy he contstantly holds out to me. 
I watch His hand go before my face and touch people. 
Like Jesus Christ touched the rocks in front of the Brother of Jared and the lit up.
What a priviledge it is to live this life.

God is a wonderful person.

Impressions of Puerto Iguazu:
-There is a place here called 3 Fronteras! THERE IS A HOLOGRAPHIC LIGHT SHOW THERE! IT WAS SO COOL!

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