Monday, January 23, 2017

58th Week Out, Week 10 Montecarlo "He will lift you up"

Hey! I'm here!

So, not much new. You can read my previous email and find the same situation I'm in. Just moving along!

I would just like to share a personal experience.

I have never been so happy in my life. Never have I experienced such a healthy, constant state of peace in my heart. And an undying zealousness to be better, and go higher. Before, everything was just kind of 'fake' to me. I would just sit and find a vent where I could shun out all the things that took away from me. I couldn't see a way to go that was worth it, that didn't end. Kind of destroyed me too, I was left to worldly entertainment. I know what it's like to suffer in that way. To be stuck in the law of decreasing returns. A sector of depression you might say. Like in star wars with the garbage compactor. When you are surrounded by things that don`t matter. And the walls are pushing you and it together until there is nothing left.

But I'll have you know, God was at the controls for me on that day. And he stopped the compression. Overrided the system. Intervened with my despair. And opened a door. A bright white door.

I took that door. And I'm never going back.

I just want to thank God openly, not for the glory of men. But to show that I give God the glory, in other words, when he gave me my life back: I write him a slip through my missionary service that says "Paid in Full" and yet, He owes me nothing. And I owe him still.

I love Heavenly Father. Cry unto him with all your might, and all of your soul and He will lift you up. Though He knows, tell Him everything.

Impressions of Monte Carlo:
The President of the District here was part of the Athletic club called River Plate. It is one of the biggest soccer clubs ever (I would say in the whole world). Considering I am in the most deeply patriotic soccer country, and people here go crazy for the games. It is really neat to meet someone like that. I played soccer with him this week :)

Wow. I've met some super famous people. I don`t know his name (his last name is Rojas.)

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