Monday, January 16, 2017

56-57th Week Out, Week 8-9 Montecarlo "Acts 6:8"

Hey there! Elder Horton once again at the write! So, whats happening with me currently? I believe I will be leaving Monte Carlo this next transfer. President sees lots of future with my trainee Elder Ayala! He is going to make him a trainer next transfer! 2 moths in and already training!? Where have I seen that before? Hmm.. Anyways, I`m very happy President has found favor in my companion and I know Elder Ayala is going to do big things here. Also considering the fact that Elder Ayala will be part of President`s glory years out here, meaning when President hits his halfway mark and is well set and ready to drop the hammer, Elder Ayala is going to be a well-seasoned missionary by then! And I`ll be just about on that plane... 

Ha! But yea, I may just be sent back to Paraguay to fix up what went down over there. I probably came to this mission because God knew this would happen to Paraguay (All the missionaries got taken out of Paraguay, almost all, because of some document errors and illegal stuff with passports and visas) So He needed missionaries here to fill in the holes! So here I am filling! :)  

But really I have been thinking about why I was called here. One thing I`ve taken into account is WHO AM I? I would think that some of the reason why i`m here has to do with who I am and the way I run things! In fact I have found an interesting attribute about myself that I really already knew but am taking into more light now. I AM A VERY EXPRESSIVE PERSON!? Like I have noticed throughout my life: If I wasn`t saying anything, or not being abnoxious or ignorantly loud, then people thought there was something wrong with me! Ha! Many times I have noticed what my attitude does to others around me. 

Yes it`s obvious that your attitude is everything, but I`m talking about someone who SCREAMS his attitude outwardly like drinking from a fire hydrant! It has however been a weakness, but also a strength in my life! For example in my house I caused many trials to happen for my family concerning my expressiveness in negative ways. But I also can make some major excitement go down at a volleyball game.

IF I GOT UP and called someone to repentance out here, OH HOW THEIR SOUL WOULD SHAKE INSIDE THEM! OH HOW POWERFUL THE SITUATION WOULD BE! My goodness.

Obviously I`m going to use this gift, and weakness that I have in righteous ways. Not going to just wreck everyone in the FACE with the gospel, I will do it Christ`s way.

God has given me this to help build his kingdom. I plan on developing an unbreakable positivity that TSUNAMI WAVES ON EVERYONE! That causes HAVOC on there countenances that they cannot even SEE the negative anymore 

(like when the legendary dragon warrior: Poe the kung fu panda steps into the bar with all the thugs and bad guys and they are THROW AWAY FROM HIS PRESENCE AND THEY ARE BLINDED BY HIS AWESOMENESS! AND THEY CONFESS IT BEFORE HIM!)

But yea. That`s what I`ve been thinkin this week! :)


Who God is. and Why is he like that.

Impressions of Monte Carlo:
Diabetes is a sickness here you can just catch...(no) They think they can tell me OH IM SICK I have diabetes, come back another time (when I`m cured)... And I`m just like, woah, I am so.. sorry... have a great day!

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