Monday, September 12, 2016

39th Week Out, Santa Rita - Paraguay Week 10, "Visited the Boarders of Brazil"

Hello people! I got 459 days left on the mission! that`s a lot of time. I can`t believe Brennen is already getting back, that`s crazy. I however will be remaining in the fields harvesting still. It reminds me of the story of the pounds. I think that is what its called? When Jesus gives the parable about the man who hires other people to work for a penny. Then he continues to hire people, and the ones he previously hired continue working. In the end they all receive the same reward. And the servants who worked more were upset about the fact that they got paid the same as those who worked less.

That however doesn`t really apply to this situation I guess, (as I have just realized) Maybe it does, I don`t know. It came to me so I said it ☺

HEY! SOMETHING AWESOME TODAY. I went to brazil. I don`t have pictures to prove it because my camera died. BUT I WAS TAKING A VIDEO OF IT SO THAT`S BETTER! I am so happy, I touched your country Brennen. I`m still having trouble finding ways to send pictures, I`ll get them in asap.

Wonderful week! We are going to have another one this week too! Lot`s of missionary work going on. Falando em portuguese tambem. I`ve been surprised at how languages are cool.

The church is true my friends. Keep the commandments,  all of them. And go to the temple.


Impressions of Santa Rita:
There is a place here called America Helados. Its awesome. 70 cents for like 3 massive scoops and a cone. YES

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